Community and Ward Advisory Boards – Membership

Kaiapoi Community Board

  • Robyn Wallace (Chair)
  • Caroline Faas (Deputy Chair)
  • Neville Atkinson (Cr)
  • Roger Blair (Cr)
  • Ben Brennan
  • John Meyer (Cr)
  • Steve Ryder
  • Sandra Stewart
  • Jackie Watson 

Oxford-Eyre Ward Advisory Board

  • Victor Allen (Chair)
  • Robert Leader (Deputy Chair)
  • Joe Boulton
  • Mark Brown
  • Wendy Doody
  • Kevin Felstead (Cr)
  • Dan Gordon (Cr)
  • Donald Hutchings
  • Doug Nicholl
  • Bruce Stokes
  • Andy Woolhouse

The Mayor is ex officio on this Board.

 Rangiora Community Board

  • Murray Clarke (Chair)
  • Greg Miller (Deputy chair)
  • Peter Allen (Cr)
  • Robbie Brine (Cr)
  • Keith Galloway
  • Jim Gerard (Cr)
  • Judith Hoult
  • Angela Smalley
  • Sharlene Stirling

Woodend-Ashley Community Board

  • Duncan Lundy (Chair)
  • Keith Nelson (Deputy Chair)
  • Kirstyn Barnett (Cr)
  • Rick Cable
  • James Ensor
  • Peter Farrant (Cr)
  • Chris Prickett

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