Useful Waimakariri Links

Waimakariri District Council:

Rangiora Town Centre:

Experience Oxford:

Woodend Action Group:



Waimakariri Community Groups:

Enterprise North Canterbury:

Waimakariri Youth:

Visiting Waimakariri

Waimakariri Arts Trail:

Visit Waimakariri:

Port of Kaiapoi and M V Tuhoe                                                                                    

Matawai Park:


Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group:                                                    

North Canterbury Musical Society:

North Canterbury Academy of Music:

Arts in Oxford:

Kaiapoi Town Association Football Club:

Saracens (Rangiora & Southbrook) Rugby Club:

Kaiapoi Museum:

Rangiora Museum:

Cust Museum:                                                                     

Oxford Museum:                                                                 

North Canterbury Community College:

Rotary Club of Rangiora:

Rotary Club of Kaiapoi:

Rangiora Drama Society:

Secondary Schools

Kaiapoi High School:

Oxford Area School:

Rangiora High School:

Rangiora New Life School:

Primary Schools

Rangiora Borough School:

Ashgrove School:

Southbrook School:

St Joseph’s School:

Rangiora New Life School:

Kaiapoi Borough School:

Kaiapoi North School:

St Patrick’s School:

Woodend School:

Clarkville School:

West Eyreton School:

Oxford Area School:

View Hill School:

Loburn School:

North Loburn School:

Swannanoa School:

2 Responses to “Useful Waimakariri Links”

  1. Mark Says:

    Any reason that the Matawai Park: link no longer works?

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