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Women’s Suffrage 120th Anniversary Was Worth Celebrating

30 September 2013

Thanks to Lois McGirr of Amberley, a series of women’s suffrage commemorations were held in Amberley, Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend on 19 September, the 120th anniversary of the passage of the Act that gave New Zealand women the vote.

130919 Women's Suffrage 120th Anniversary 12 (300x225)Speakers paid tribute to the work of local North Canterbury women who fought for the vote and the role played by the Women’s Christian Temperance movement.  They also rolled out a long purple ribbon that many locals had signed, the ribbon being the same length as the petition that Sir John Hall took into Parliament in 1893 in support of women’s suffrage. The photo shows the ribbon being signed by Maxine Palmer of Rangiora.

A local historical footnote: New Zealand’s first woman MP, Elizabeth McCombs, was born in Kaiapoi.

It’s School Fair Season – Today it was Woodend

15 September 2013

It’s school fair season.  Today Woodend’s drew a large crowd at the Woodend recreation Ground next door to the School. Humiliating the principal is always popular, so the kids (and others) enjoyed firing paint bombs at Graeme Barber – all in a good cause, of course. He lived to turn up to work tomorrow.130915 Woodend School Fair 2B

Big Plant Sale Coming to Woodend-Pegasus

12 September 2013

St Barnabas Plant Sale

New Houses Still Coming Thick and Fast in Waimakariri

4 July 2013













Residential   4 (Rural



Res 6









January 2013










February 2013










March 2013










April 2013










May 2013










June 2013





















77 consents for new dwellings were issued in June 2013, which is 7 more than for June 2012.  For the year to date 631 consents for new dwellings have been issued compared with 495 for the first 6 months of 2012.


In June 9 consents were issued for new dwellings in the Silverstream subdivision as compared with 11 elsewhere in Kaiapoi, principally in the Sovereign Palms subdivisions.


The distribution for consents for new dwellings for the Rural Zone for 2013 is:

19       UDS area east of Two Chain Road and South of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

47       West of District

18       North of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

Waimakariri Building Consents for Dwellings Still Running at Record Levels

7 March 2013

The building consents issued for dwellings in January and February are running at similar levels to last year.


So far this year (January – February), 224 dwelling permits have been issued. For the same time last year, 127 were issued – and that was historically high.

Specifically for those two months this year, they were:

  • Kaiapoi 66
  • Rangiora 41
  • Oxford 11
  • Woodend 2
  • Small towns / beaches 4
  • Rural Residential 4 (e.g. Mandeville, Fernside) 28
  • Pegasus 45
  • Rural 27


Approval of Woodend Eastern Bypass Gives Some Certainty for Woodend and Pegasus

19 February 2013

The approval by the NZ Transport Agency of an eastern bypass brings to an end many years of uncertainty for the Woodend and, more cecently, Pegasus communities.

The shifting of State Highway 1 traffic out of the centre of Woodend, while it is still at least 15 years off, will mean that that the town will no longer be split by heavy traffic, including a lot of trucks, through the middle of the town.

When it happens, the result will be an extension of the Christchurch Northern Motorway north to the Pegasus entrance.

There is still a process to go through with the Council. The designation (which enables NZTA to start buying the needed land) has to be inserted into the District Plan. This isa public process and the ublic have the right to make submissions, which, of course, have to be considered.

Woodend Bypass Image

Map of Proposed Woodend Bypass [NZTA]

October is a Busy Month for Waimakariri Community Events

17 October 2012

The weather starts to pick up and so do local community events;

A couple of weekends ago, the Rangiora Soapbox Derby (run by Our Town Rangiora), the Woodend Flower Show and the Pegasus Fun Run and Walk were all on.

Rangiora and Oxford: Send Those Chlorination Forms In!

22 September 2012

All of you who are ratepayers on the Rangiora and Oxford Urban water supplies should have received a consultation leaflet asking whether you want chlorination continued in your water supplies.

Most public water supplies around the world (and NZ) are chlorinated, but some are not.  The new supplies in Oxford and Rangiora come from very secure (i.e. safe) sources and do not have to be chlorinated – although they would be safer if they were.

Chlorination removes bacteria (e.g. E-coli) and viruses, although not protozoa like giardia and cryptosporidium.

The choice is one of better taste versus greater safety.

Note that the Christchurch, Kaiapoi and Woodend supplies are not chlorinated.

I Didn’t Kiss the Pig!

18 September 2012

I can report that I didn’t have to kiss the pig at the Woodend School Fair – although I wouldn’t have minded, as Sunshine was quite pretty as pigs go. The other candidates were MPs Kate Wilkinson and Clayton Cosgrove, Cr Kirstyn Barnett, school principal Graeme Barber and Woodend Community Association chair John Archer.  Graeme had the most money put on him, so he did the honours.

The weather turned out fine and the fair was a great community event, as always.

Community Buildings Under Construction All Over the District

18 September 2012

There are are a number of community buildings under construction across our District – some photos from last Sunday …

Wharenui at Tuahiwi

Oxford Men’s Shed

Oxford Gym

Woodend Community Centre Extension

It’s Spring (I Think!) and the Community Events Start Rolling Out

16 September 2012

Mid-September and the community events around our District intensify.  Bowling Clubs are opening (I was at Rangiora’s yesterday) and the school fairs start to pop up.  Woodend’s is today and St Patrick’s Kaiapoi (pictured) was yesterday.  It was good to see the Kaiapoi (and beyond) folks out supporting one of their local schools.  It was a rare event for me – I actually won something on a chocolate wheel!

4 September 2010 – 2 years later

4 September 2012

On 4 September 2010 I was a volunteer Civil Defence controller. Some disconnected impressions:

  • Rude awakening, thinking of Haiti.
  • Thinking the house was coming down, but then it didn’t – in fact, seemed OK.
  • Newstalk ZB off the air – so back to the National Programme.
  • Surprised it wasn’t the alpine fault.
  • Radio report that Harcourts Kaiapoi down – oh! oh!
  • Walking into the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) with a guy offering a helicopter. Still dark.
  • Intelligence gathering already underway. Clear biggest problems were around Kaiapoi.
  • Main bridges closed, just in case they were unsafe.
  • EOC starting to hum. Staff drifting in. Crews out checking water, sewer, roads.
  • Got a ride from Southbrook in first helicopter flight with Council engineers Gerard Cleary and Gary Boot – pumping stations and pipelines their priority.
  • Mandeville Bridge all broken.
  • Hilton St by Dudley Drain – culvert has popped up – impassable to vehicles.
  • Chimneys broken.
  • Charles St sewerage pumping station doesn’t look good.
  • Liquefaction all through eastern Kaiapoi.
  • More of it in Kairaki and Pines Beach. Power pole just about down.
  • Ocean outfall pipeline seems OK.
  • A bit of liquefaction at Woodend Beach and Waikuku Beach – not too bad.
  • Pegasus and Woodend look OK.
  • Ashley Bridge north of Rangiora has stayed up – surprise!
  • Rangiora looks good from the air.
  • Back to landing point in Southbrook.

Later in the day:

  • In Kaiapoi now. Bridge closed by Police.
  • Museum really badly knocked around.
  • Corcoran French and old BNZ (John Rhind) buildings on a lean.
  • Former Post Office looks OK, but wouldn’t trust it.
  • Blackwells damaged – excavator is making it safer by knocking bits off it.
  • National and regional news media concentrating on Christchurch.

And through it all, a beautiful spring day.  Many people left their homes, but by nightfall, all had found somewhere to go.  No-one had to be put up at the welfare centre.  The EOC stayed on duty all through the night, but there was little to do until daybreak.

Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade Celebrates 50 Years

20 February 2012

Last weekend, the Woodend VFB celebrated 50 years as a local brigade.  Before 1961, they had been a fire party, like that at Waikuku Beach these days.

They celebrated with a tour of their engines, plus quite a few from neighbouring brigades, through the town.  There followed an open day at the station. 

It is not generally known that the majority of firefighters throughout New Zealand are volunteers, just like these men and women.

We depend on the volunteer fire brigades to keep our communities safe – and, unlike most other volunteers, these folk are on call night and day.

There are a number of Volunteer Fire Brigades in our District: Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Woodend, Cust and Oxford, plus fire parties in places like Waikuku Beach and Pines Beach.

What’s Happening About the Woodend Bypass?

9 January 2012
What NZTA think the Main North Road / Woodend Road intersection might look like with trafffic lights

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) are still considering the results of the consultation that was carried out last year.  At that point, they asked for comment on three bypass options and three widening options for Main North Road.  I gather their next move will be to come back to the community with a final two design options: one for a bypass and and one for a Main North Road widening.

One issue of concern that emerged from last year’s consultation was concern from Pineacres residents over the size and impact of changes in hteir neighbourhood where a newly-extended Christchurch Northern Motorway (i.e. the Woodend Bypass) would link with the existing Main North Road.

Community Events Spring with Spring!

3 October 2010

With the arrival of warmer weather, community events spring to life like the lambs that have been around for two or three months. 

Kaiapoi Anglican Parish’s Bazaar

Kaiapoi Anglican Parish held their Bazaar at St Bartholmew’s on Saturday, attracting a good crowd. What was significant was the signalling of a returning to a little normality in the Cass Street area, one of the hardest-hit areas in the earthquake. 

And, as usual, the wider Waimakariri community was there to help, with members of the Rangiora Anglican Parish staffing some of the stalls. 

To my inexpert eye, it looks like St Barts survived the earthquake quite well – considering that it has virtually no foundations! – an ongoing concern for the Parish, who are working on rectifying that.  The church was moved to its present site on rollers in the 19th Century and just dropped on the ground surface, more-or-less. It is Kaiapoi’s highest-rated heritage building. 

Woodend Spring Flower Show

This had to be moved to the Rangiora Rugby Club rooms at the Showgrounds because the Woodend Community Centre was closed for earthquake repairs (it’s now open again).  The usual Woodend market was also there. 

The change of venue didn’t seem to affect the number of visitors, because there ws a steady stream of them all day. 

I don’t know a good daffodil from a an indifferent one, but I know a good community event when I see it! 

Oxford Menz Shed Fundraiser

A group in Oxford are raising funds for a Menz Shed, which will be the first in the District (a group in Rangiora has just started to 

1920 Briscoe

investigate).  They organised a Classic Car Rally (boys’ toys!) and the Oxford community got out with stalls and BBQs and raffles – the whole nine yards.  With the monthly craft market in the Town Hall, an outdoor market in the reserve beside Emma’s, the weekly farmers’ market, the Rangiora Brass Band and all the usual attractions, Oxford was full and buzzing.  The place to be today! 

1913 Unic







1968 Ford Corsair - yes. it's ours!

Pegasus: My Position

3 October 2010

I was opposed to the Pegasus proposal when it was first mooted, an opposition that was well publicised at the time.  I submitted against it at the hearing.

Pegasus is now a fact, however.  People are moving in and they are now Waimakariri residents.  The owners of properties there are Waimakariri ratepayers.

It is in the interests of the District for the Pegasus development to succeed.  Failure would bring about a significant social cost to the wider community.

The development of the relationship between Pegasus, Woodend and Waikuku is going to be something that the three communities and the wider District are going to be working on for a number of years.

More on the Woodend Bypass

20 September 2010

At tonight’s Woodend candidates meeting, the Mayor said that he supported a State Highway Bypass of Woodend.  For the record, this is the crucial motion that the Mayor voted against on 2 September 2008:

That the Council adopts the modified Short Eastern bypass alignment as generally indicated by the Transit NZ consultation process as its preferred option, subject to NZTA acknowledging that the existing designation on the current alignment will not be used for four laning of the state highway and subject to a route being adopted that, (i) avoids New Zealand Historic Places Trust registered buildings and sites, and (ii) minimises the destruction of existing houses.

If this motion had not passed, it would have meant that the Council would have been tacitly supporting the four-laning of the Main North Road through Woodend.

There have been no other resolutions on this subject since then.

The Woodend Bypass: My Position

20 September 2010

I strongly support a State Highway 1 bypass around the town.  I always have – and I voted for it when it last came up at the Council.  I regard the current route through the middle of the town as totally unacceptable.

Note that the Mayor and Cr Cole both voted against the bypass.

See also and

Town Centres: My Position

19 September 2010

There has been ongoing work on the Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centres for some time.

The Kaiapoi one seems to have stalled – it started well before the Rangiora process, yet the Rangiora report is to go to the Council this week.  There also seems to be a lack of  wider community awareness of what was going on in Kaiapoi – but now the earthquake has changed everything.

Obviously the first priority is to finalise the Kaiapoi plan so that reconstruction of the town centre can get under way as soon as possible.  While the damage has not been so great as to demand a complete redesign, the loss of the Museum, for example, does present opportunities.

The Rangiora concept plan will demand expenditure – as will Kaiapoi’s.  The earthquake may cause a reprioritisation, but it is important that work starts soon in both towns and that progress is seen to be being made.

The other challenge is Woodend.  Even if NZTA decides for a bypass soon, we still have at least 15 years in which we need to be developing a viable and attractive town centre for Woodend.

Some of My Earthquake Photos

16 September 2010

This District Deserves Better

13 August 2010

A nasty and crude leaflet attacking a Council candidate has been circulating in Woodend.

Needless-to-say, the leaflet expresses nothing positive in support of anyone. And of course it is anonymous – these sorts of things always are because the people who distribute them are afraid to stand up in public and be counted.

The Waimakariri District deserves better than this.

Movie Night in Kaiapoi – Woodend Community Centre Fundraiser

24 June 2010

Movie Night
Thursday 5 August    Picturehouse Cinemas, Kaiapoi
Meet for nibbles from 7pm, movie starts 7.30pm

The true, rags-to-riches story of Chinese ballet dancer Li Cunxin – from rural China to ballet stardom as one of the world’s greatest dancers.  In 1972, the 11-year-old Li (Huang Wenbin), living with his family of six siblings in eastern China, is selected as a student with promise by representatives of Madame Mao’s Beijing Dance Academy. He attends their harsh and unforgiving school and becomes one of its star pupils.In ’81, Li (now played by Chi Cao) is chosen to travel to the United States as part of a student exchange with the Houston Ballet Company. There he becomes a star when given a key role in a televised production of Die Fledermaus. Loving life in his new home, Li falls for fellow dancer, Elizabeth (Amanda Schull), and makes the decision to leave his old life behind and pursue a life of personal and creative freedom in America. Running time 117 minutes.

Tickets:  $20    Limited numbers – book now! 

All proceeds to the Woodend Community Centre upgrade fund

Call Kirstyn on 312 2322 to book or email by the Woodend Community Association Inc.

Compass FM’s Test Transmissions

20 June 2010

From time to time you might hear test transmissions coming 104.9 FM.  At the moment, the North Canterbury Radio Trust is using a low-powered transmitter from its Rangiora studios.  Eventually, when the station is operational, transmissions will be beamed from Mount Grey with repeaters to service areas like Hanmer and Cheviot.

At the moment you will hear just music and the occasional promotional message – and the station only reaches the area around Rangiora. 

Compass FM will be a Community Access station that will transmit the Voices of North Canterbury.

Probus Milestone

6 June 2010

Last week, Marilyn and I went to the 15th Anniversary of the Rangiora Combined Probus Club.  We went wearing our Rotary hats because all Probus Clubs are “sponsored” by Rotary clubs. There are a dozen or so Probus Clubs in North Canterbury, all sponsored by either the Kaiapoi or Rangiora Rotary Clubs.  There are five in Rangiora alone, with others in Kaiapoi, Woodend, Amberley, Cheviot and Hanmer Springs.

Probus provides a vehicle for retired people to get together, enjoy each other’s company and hear stimulating speakers.  They are an important part of our community.

More Input from the Public

29 April 2010

The Council concluded its draft Annual Plan hearings this afternoon.

The themes previously mentioned came out again.  Submisisons ranged from a problem drain in Kaiapoi to more general submisions covering a range of matters from the Kaiapoi Community Board, the Woodend-Ashley and Rangiora Ward Advisory Boards and the Pines-Kairaki Association.

We also had a submision from Te Ngai Tuahuriri regarding the new marae buildings they are to construct at Tuahiwi and from the Kaiapoi Rugby Football Club about a new development they have started.

And that wasn’t all.  As always, a great variety!

Kirstyn Barnett Announces her Candidacy for the Woodend-Ashley Ward

28 April 2010

Prominent Woodend community leader, Kirstyn Barnett, has anounced her candidacy for the Woodend-Ashley Ward at this year’s Waimakariri District Council elections.

She is well-known for her role in the Woodend Action Group, which has now merged with the Woodend Residents’ Association to form the Woodend Community Association.

She was the instigator of the two large murals recently painted on two walls near the Community Centre and of the walking bus project to take children safely to the Woodend School.

She has been an exemplary voice for Woodend and shown with it a capacity for taking action.

The full text of her announcement can be read in the pages to the right of your screen under the heading Kirstyn Barnett Announcement of Candidacy .

The People Speak

28 April 2010

For the past day and a half the Council have been listening to submissions on the this year’s Draft Annual Plan – and we have another session tomorrow.

So far the following trends have emerged:

  • Strong farmer opposition to the low Annual Uniform General Charge and to Land Value as a means of assessing rates.  They support a change to Capital Value Rating.
  • Support from a wide range of individuals and groups for retaining the budget provision of $30,000 to support the new Youth Development Strategy.
  • A strong push from Woodend to upgrade the Community Centre and its surrounding reserve – and the public toilets over the road.
  • A loud-and-clear objection from Rangiora Airfield users about a new range of charges – and a similar complaint about new fees at the Kaiapoi Wharf.
  • And, of course, complaints about the 5km-radius targetted rating zone for the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre.

That’s by no means all, but that gives you an idea!

Changes in the Woodend Community

28 April 2010

The Woodend Residents’ Association and the Woodend Action Group have amalgamated to form the Woodend Community Association.

The President is John Archer and the Vice-President Kirstyn Barnett.

To paraphrase the words of the Oreal adverts: Woodend is Worth It!

Woodend Murals Unveiled

26 April 2010
The opening act: planting in the garden in front of one of the murals.

  Two impressive murals were unveiled in Woodend on Saturday morning.

They are painted on the two walls of the shopping centre that face the reserve beside the Community Centre.
Kirstyn Barnett of the then Woodend Action Group was enraged some time ago when grafitti appeared on the walls and she decided to do something about it.   The result was an impressive community effort, with fundraising, donations in kind and voluntary labour all playing their part.
The unveiling (although the two walls are far too big to have been actually veiled!) was carried out by Deputy Mayor Elaine Cole, with MPs Clayton Cosgrove and Kate Wilkinson and a number of councillors in attendance.  The most important attendees, however, were the people of Woodend who now own these murals.

Personal Abuse and Local Politics

13 March 2010

 The March issue of the Woodpecker, an informative little bulletin that circulates in the Woodend area, carries a cover story about Woodend School’s new walking bus programme.  Amongst those instrumental in getting it going is Kirstyn Barnett of the Woodend Action Group (  ).

Coincidentally, the letter to the right appeared this week in the Northern Outlook  of Wednesday 10 March.   Kirstyn Barnett has been an excellent advocate for the Woodend community and a has record for getting things done – the sort of person who is eminently qualified to sit on the Woodend-Ashley Advisory Board.

The letter itself is an example of what we can do without in the Waimakariri community.  In my view,  personal abuse has no place in public discourse. As they say, play the ball, not the man (or, in this case, the woman).

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