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The Fences have gone from the Junction: an Earthquake Survivor in #Rangiora.

23 July 2016

The facade of the former Junction Hotel  (later Robbies) has been saved and the construction fences have now gone. Great to have the old lady back! 


They’re Gone!

24 February 2016


The temporary shops are gone from #Rangiora. They’ve served High St businesses well but new buildings have made them unnecessary.

The roadway will get a temporary seal so that High and Durham Streets can reopen to 2-way traffic.

David Ayers, Mayor, Waimakariri

Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centre Strategies

1 March 2012

There has been quite a correspondence in the Northern Outlook about the future of the Rangiora Town Centre. 

We already have strategies in place for the two town centres – and they are quite recent. If you want to see them, you can find them on the Council website at:

Trees Make a Difference in Town Centres

16 January 2012

Central Canberra

Town Centres: My Position

19 September 2010

There has been ongoing work on the Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centres for some time.

The Kaiapoi one seems to have stalled – it started well before the Rangiora process, yet the Rangiora report is to go to the Council this week.  There also seems to be a lack of  wider community awareness of what was going on in Kaiapoi – but now the earthquake has changed everything.

Obviously the first priority is to finalise the Kaiapoi plan so that reconstruction of the town centre can get under way as soon as possible.  While the damage has not been so great as to demand a complete redesign, the loss of the Museum, for example, does present opportunities.

The Rangiora concept plan will demand expenditure – as will Kaiapoi’s.  The earthquake may cause a reprioritisation, but it is important that work starts soon in both towns and that progress is seen to be being made.

The other challenge is Woodend.  Even if NZTA decides for a bypass soon, we still have at least 15 years in which we need to be developing a viable and attractive town centre for Woodend.

Rangiora’s Central Business District: Let’s Do Something About It!

7 August 2009

Something needs to be done about Rangiora’s Central Business District.

We need better planning so that we know where we are going to go over the next 20 years.

The planning needs to involve the entire community (that’s not just Rangiora residents) and it needs to be open.

To help get discussion going, my initial thoughts are in one of the pages posted on the right: click on  Rangiora’s Heart: What Needs to Happen.  

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