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TC3 Land Still in Limbo

24 June 2013

There isn’t a huge amount of “TC3” land in Waimakariri, but for Kaiapoi, a significant amount. Technical Category 3 is its full name. It’s land that needs to have a geotechnical report and a specifically-engineered foundation for any new house built on it.

The Waimakariri District’s TC3 land is all in Kaiapoi, mostly between the NE red zone and Beach Road, with some to the west of the town centre close to the railway line.

We held a meeting for the property owners last week at Kaiapoi High School. It was clear that life remains very difficult and they are feeling that not much has happened. They haven’t had a full report on their land as yet, although the drilling has been done. On top of that, the engineers are still trying to ascertain what is the best way to remediate such land where there is an existing house that doesn’t have to be demolished.

Kaiapoi and Waimakariri are a long way from being over the earthquake.


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