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Good Meeting in Clarkville on Kendall Park Astroturf

8 May 2013

Kendall Park is the main football ground in Waimakariri and is the headquarters of the Waimak United Football Club.  The Council proposes to install an astroturf surface there to enable practices to be undertaken regardless of the weather. Currently, the demand for practice and match usage of grounds by rugby, football and league could mean the community will have to buy more land. Astroturfs are more cost-effective than buying land.

Residents in the vicinity of Kendall Park at the meeting learned that the astroturf pitch is unlikely to have much impact on them.  There are, however, real traffic safety concerns in Island Road and continuing problems with drainage around the park.  There will be further meeting to talk about these matters, as well as to give an update on the astroturf progress.

The astroturf will be able to be used for football and for training by league and rugby teams – especially if their grounds are “out” because they are too wet.

Rangiora’s MainPower Oval Stars as a Venue – Pity Canterbury Lost!

6 January 2013

130106 Canterbury v Wellington Cricket, MainPower Oval 2 (640x480)

As you can see from the photo, a big crowd turned up at Rangiora’s MainPower Oval to watch the Canterbury Wizards take on the Wellington Firebirds in a Twenty20 match today. It is turning into an excellent venue and is Canterbury’s favoured home ground now that other suitable Christchurch venues are out of action because of the earthquakes.

It is a pity, from the perspective of a lifelong Cantabrian, that Canterbury could not match Wellington today. I have to admit they were outclassed and Wellington deserved their comfortable win.

It’s Spring (I Think!) and the Community Events Start Rolling Out

16 September 2012

Mid-September and the community events around our District intensify.  Bowling Clubs are opening (I was at Rangiora’s yesterday) and the school fairs start to pop up.  Woodend’s is today and St Patrick’s Kaiapoi (pictured) was yesterday.  It was good to see the Kaiapoi (and beyond) folks out supporting one of their local schools.  It was a rare event for me – I actually won something on a chocolate wheel!

New Kaiapoi BMX Track Comes One Step Closer

21 August 2012

The Kaiapoi BMX track was destroyed by the September quake.  Deep inside the Red Zone, the dropping of the land has meant that it has had to be found a new home.

This afternoon, the Council’s Community and Recreation Committee, following on from the Kaiapoi Community Board’s approval last evening, agreed to the BMX CLub moving to Rinaldi Reserve at Pines Beach.  This is subject to resource consent being obtained.

While the Council is officially responsible for the Resource Consent, this afternoon’s decision, plus the fact that the Reserve is Council-controlled, means that the Consent hearing will before an independent commisisoner.

Rangiora Bowling Club Pavilion Recognised as Landmark

15 April 2012

The Rangiora Bowling Club Pavilion has been recognised as a “Landmark”. At a short reception last Thursday, Annette Golding, a grand-daughter of one of the original builders, unveiled the plaque.  This follows the refurbishment of the building by the Club to turn the lower storey into a more usable lounge for members.  The work included earthquake-strengthening to bring the 100-year-old building up to code.  The pavilion is a Category II historic place

I can think of few buildings in Rangiora that are more worthy of the the term “landmark” than this one.  It occupies a prominent place on the corner of Blackett and Good Streets, which would be one of the town’s busier intersections.

The Landmarks project has been ongoing over a number of years, starting as an inititaive of Our Town Rangiora, the Rangiora and Districts Early Records Society and the Council. The aim is to recognise the work of owners to preserve their heritage buildings in the centre of the town  and to inform people of the history of those buildings. The programme has been more recently extended to Kaiapoi. Other recent plaques have gone on the Kaiapoi Band Rotunda and the the former Parrott’s grocery store in Rangiora (now Rangiora Eyecare).

We have lost a number of heritage buildings in the District because of the earthquakes and others have been closed to the public because they have been assessed as dangerous.  It is great, therefore, to have a good-news story!

You can



Rugby World Cup Comes to Kaiapoi Rugby Club – just as they are having to deal with temporary facilities

27 March 2012

The Rugby World Cup came to the Kaiapoi Rugby Club yesterday – along with the rest of the NZ Rugby Union’s silverware, like the Bledisloe Cup, the Womens RWC, the Sevens Trophy and the trophies against South Africa and England.

Lots of kids around – a good crowd.  Thanks to the the NZRU and the Canterbury Rugby Union for doing it.

Meanwhile, the Kaiapoi club has had to close its changing rooms because of earthquake risk.  They have a containerised shower unit already in place, and the Council is arranging for portaloos.

If it’s not one thing, its another!

Fernside an International Sporting Venue?

29 February 2012


This week, the North Canterbury Clay target Association’s range plays host to the Australia/New Zealand Police, Defence and Emergency Services Clay Target Championships.

It is part of a larger sports tournament, most of which is taking place in Wellington.

It is good to be able to play host to such an event here, given the help those Australian services gave Canterbury after 22 February.

$65 000 Raised for New Kaiapoi Rugby League Pavilion

20 February 2012

Last Friday, the Kaiapoi Rugby League Club, which because they now incorporate Rangiora, play as the Northern Bulldogs, ran a highly successful fund-faising luncheon at the Kaiapoi Workingmen’s Club.

As you can see in the heading, they raised an amazing $65 000 from ticket sales, an auction (mainly of Rugby League memorabilia) and donations.

The guest speaker was Ricky Stuart (pictured) – ex-Canberra Raiders, ex-Kangaroo, ex-Kangaroo coach and now coach of the NSW State of Origin team. His was an entertaining talk, full of insights about the game.

Sir Peter Leitch (aka the Mad Butcher) came down from Auckland, and there were a number of ex-Kiwis present.

A great afternoon!

Residents Angry About BMX Proposal

17 February 2012

Existing and soon-to-arrive residents of the Sovereign Palms subdivision at Kaiapoi made their feelings well-known last night at a public meeting called by the Council.  They clearly do not want a BMX facility near them.  The proposed track will replace the one destroyed on the Kaiapoi riverbank by the September earthquake.  The original site cannot be used – changes in the land level have meant that it is now often under water.

The meeting was part of the consultation being undertaken prior to a resource consent application being made by the council on behalf of the BMX Club.

As with the proposal to relocate the Riverside Bowling Club to Hinemoa Park, the Council is in a very difficult position.  We are anxious to get community facilities and clubs up and running in Kaiapoi again.  Finding places to put them that are close enough to Kaiapoi so that residents (including children) can get to them easily but which don’t have neighbours living nearby is next to impossible.

Our hope is to use land that the Council already owns. We could buy land – assuming we can find a willing seller – but is there such a place that isn’t close to people’s houses?  Given the well-known pressures on the budget, buying land is not an attractive proposition from a community point-of-view.

Abandoned Red-Zone land is sometimes suggested. That is not an impossible idea but there are two difficulties. The first is that the Government has not decided what to do with the land (they are gradually taking it over as people move out).  That decision might be some time off.  The other difficulty is that the land has been classified as highly vulnerable to liquefaction and lateral spread.  It is one thing to put, say, a rugby field on it, quite another to put a facility that involves expensive buildings or earthworks.

We need ideas!

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