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Flaxwood Festival was not to be Missed

27 February 2012

The recent Flaxwood festival in Flaxton was a great afternoon.  Carolyn Schuitman and her team did a great job rasing a lot of money for a variety of charities, including the Woolston Brass – who, incidentally, are as good a Big Band as you’ll find anywhere.








Should the Oxford Town Hall be Replaced?

12 January 2012

The Oxford Town Hall will cost a lot to bring it up to an earthquake rating of 67% of new building standard.  It is currently closed because it is rating is about 25%.

Some in the community are saying that it would be better to build a more modern building, possibly somewhere else.

You will be hearing more about this!

The Colour of the Rangiora Town Hall

15 January 2010

Confession: I like it!

Admittedly, the colour of the Town Hall polarises locals: people either love it or hate it.  There don’t seem to be many who are neutral!  This means that to go back to the previous cream colour or something like that would probably be equally polarising.

One thing is for sure: more than anything else, the Town Hall since it went to red and blue, has become Rangiora’s signature building.

In the words of one of the committee that originally chose the colour: “She’s a grand old lady and we’re going to dress her up!”

Another Show at the Rangiora Town Hall – Now On!

8 July 2009


Funding for Performance Venue(s) Stays In

18 May 2009

The $5m (including $1m public fundraising) for a performance venue or venues has stayed in the Council’s 10-Year Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) for 2013-14.

An additional amount of $50,000 for investigative work in the coming year has been substanially reduced because it was felt by a majority of councillors (and by many submitters) that much of this work has already been done in prevuous investigations.

Rangiora Town Hall

There is a strong expectation within the community that a significant amount needs to be spent on upgrading and enhancing the Rangiora Town Hall.  One of two Town Halls in the District (the other is Oxford’s – see Corners of Waimakariri in the Categories to the right), there is a lot of affection for the old lady and it is without doubt the most important performance venue that we currently have.

She is worth fighting for!

Performance Venues – All May Not Be As It seems

12 February 2009

As you may have seen in the Northern Outlook, the Council in its draft Ten Year Plan is proposing an immediate $50,000 to investigate and develop concept plans for performance venues in the District.  It has also put in, for 2013-14, $5m (including $1m of community fundraising) for venue development.

Note that 2013-14 is after the next election and after the next Ten Year Plan. It is by no means guaranteed, but the Council is obliged to act in good faith when signalling future expenditure to the community.rangiora-town-hall

 The money is not necessarily directed towards the Rangiora Town Hall.  The investigation will include other parts of the District, obviously Kaiapoi, and what is investigated in Rangiora will include Rangiora High School.

Nevertheless, it is clear to most locals that the Rangiora Town Hall is the venue that should be developed in Rangiora.  It is totally inadequate for modern productions like last year’s Les Mis by the North Canterbury Musical Society and such productions simply cannot happen in schools.  NCMS, for instance, was working in the Town Hall for two months for Les Mis.  Take it from a former Deputy Principal: no school can work around that!

Having said that, I am totally in support of developing a decent performance venue in Kaiapoi.  Quite simply, the town needs one.  If the Kaiapoi High School auditorium fits the need after an upgrade of its facilities, that would certainly be a good option.

The question is however, will the money allocated for 2013-14 be enough for two venues?

One piece of good news – the portacom proposal has gone!

Council Tied Up …

27 January 2009

The Waimakariri District Council managed to tie itself up today, when in front of a large gallery of local residents, it failed to reach a decision on funding anything for performance centres in the District.  A tied vote, according to standing orders, meant that a motion to investigate centres in at least two places, was lost.  Now there is nothing going into the draft 10-Year Plan.

It also means the portacom hasn’t got through yet, either, so maybe some good has come out of it so far.

However, we are going to have another go tomorrow.

Breaking News: Portacom Site Selected!

19 December 2008

The site for Waimakariri’s latest Portacom has been selected.  Designed to complement the Rangiora Town Hall’s neo-classical design, the Portacom is intended to provide dressing rooms and toilets for performers.

Given the speed at which successive councils have made progress on the long-overdue upgrade of the Town Hall, the Portacom is expected to attract the interest of future archaeologists.


The site for the Portacom - views will be excellent from King Street

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