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Men’s Sheds Are Arriving in Waimakariri -Two Open and One Working On It!

17 October 2012

The Men’s Shed Movement started in Australia and is spreading rapidly through New Zealand.  The idea is to provide a place for  usually, but not always, older men to get together and practice practical skills of woodworking and metal working while at the same time talking about anything they like. Machinery such as lathes is obtained by donation.  Men can work on their own projects or do stuff for the community.

There is a strong emphasis on men’s health in this approach. It is also possible that mentoring of teenagers could take place.

The Rangiora Men’s Shed has been operating out of the Show Grounds for several months, but this month has seen a shed also opened in Oxford, officially known as the McIver’s Oxford Community Men’s Shed after the sponsor who provided the shed.  The photo shows it in the process of it being officially opened by Waimakariri MP Kate Wilkinson.  The Council provided the land in Pearson Park.

A Kaiapoi group is looking at getting a couple of red-zoned garages to shift out.

The Kaiapoi and Rangiora groups have been assisting the Kaiapoi Rubble Rousers and the Rangiora Community Board in filling earthquaked gaps and decorating safety fences.

Men’s Sheds Are Coming!

31 January 2012

The Men’s Shed movement is spreading to Waimakariri.

Men’s Sheds are places where (usually) retired (usually) men can get together, use some of the skills they have gathered over the years and chew the fat. They are normally set up like workshops with the kind of equipment like lathes that people usually don’t have at home.  They can make stuff for themselves and their families or do small community projects like making park seating.

An Oxford group has been going for some time, fund-raising.  They have a brand new garage promised by a sponsor and a site identified in Pearson Park.  A Kaiapoi group  has also been looking at where they can go.

Another group in Rangiora has obtained a spot at the Showgrounds and is already open.  You can find out about it at

They will be open for visitors at the Boys’ Toys / Gear for Girls weekend at the Showgrounds on the weekend of 25-26 February.

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