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The Kaiapoi Library & Museum Replacement Has Started

20 August 2012

The demolition of the “old” Kaiapoi Library is now well under way.  It has been closed since the 4 September quake and is being replaced so that it can meet the future needs of that part of the our District. The library was getting cramped and had been badly damaged.

The new library will incorporate the Museum, which had to be demolished immediately after the September quake. A former court house (of similar design and age to the Rangiora court house), it was left barely standing by the earthquake.  The Council owned the building and the Kaiapoi District Historical Society the collection.

The Council also owns the Oxford and Cust Museum buildings, but not the Rangiora one (although it is on Council land).

As well as in Kaiapoi, there are, of course, libraries in Rangiora and Oxford.  The Kaiapoi Library is currently operating out of temporary quarters in the Kaiapoi Swim Club building, next to the Aquatic Centre.


Summer Reading Programme is Great for Kids

1 February 2012

The Waimakariri Libraries run a great Summer Reading Programme across the holidays and it was a priviledge to be able to hand out certificates to all those who had completed it.

As well as me, Bubbles the Clown was also present – and she was much more fun than me!

Obviously, one young chap didn’t think much of the formal bit and tried to escape!

The Kaiapoi Library and Museum Replacement – what is going out for public consultation?

25 January 2012

The Council is currently going through its Long Term Plan preparation.  We haven’t finished yet, but we have already made some decisions on what we want to consult the public on.

We are proposing a new combined library and museum on the site of the current Kaiapoi library.  We are not proposeing a repair because geotechnical investigation has shown that there has been some liquefaction and lateral spread on the site. A building needs new, deep foundations.

The existing building has become too small and the meeting room upstairs is also of a design and size that made it not as useful as it could have been.  Paradoxically, the kitchen is too big!

The museum will be combined with the library, and an art space, similar in size to that in the Rangiora library, will also be included.

The total cost will be about $8.6m, owhich it is likely that about $2m will be recovered from the current library and the former museum.

A Triple Whammy – or is it a Quadruple?

25 January 2012

When it comes to big community facilities projects, we normally do one at a time – as happened with the Dudley Pool.

This time, the earthquake and the justified heightened sensitivity to earthquake-prone buildings, has left us with three big ones all at once:

  • The Kaiapoi Library/Museum
  • The Rangiora Town Hall
  • The Oxford Town Hall

These are amongst the problems facing the Council for its Long Term (10 Year) Plan.

But wait there’s more …

                … a new bridge over the Ashley north of Rangiora.

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