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Recent Videos on Kaiapoi Regeneration

20 December 2017

Do you want to know what is happening?  Try going to


Lesley Elliott Tells Her Story

3 October 2016


This event is happening in Kaiapoi and Oxford next week. Lesley Elliott tells the story of her daughter Sophie’s relationship with Clayton Weatherston and the signs of abuse that friends and family did not recognise. Lesley has travelled all over New Zealand speaking to raise awareness of the signs of abuse in hope to avoid another tragic death like Sophie’s.

Six years on … the World Has Changed

4 September 2016

Mandeville Bridge

Six years ago today, a defining moment in our history occurred. In this part of Canterbury, our communities often talk about things as before or after the earthquake.

So much has changed and we found ourselves going in directions we never thought we would. Some of those things have been for the better. Yesterday’s fantastic day in Rangiora, following the pain in the town centre, would never have happened (nor would have the pain). We, like other districts and towns in New Zealand, would be arguing over the strengthening of commercial and public buildings.  Not Kaiapoi or Rangiora. Not Oxford.

But we haven’t finished yet and some of what lies before us is exciting.  The plan for the regeneration areas of Kaiapoi and Pines-Kairaki await final ministerial approval, but there will be a lot more to do as a community when we get down to the detail.  I look forward to that!

Kaiapoi Toy Library in Permanent Home

12 May 2015

Kaiapoi Toy Library Now Operating from a New Location – The Kaiapoi Toy Library has successfully moved from its previous location at Baker Park to the building behind the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre previously occupied by the Kaiapoi Temporary Library. The Kaiapoi Toy Library and North Canterbury Swim Club have a co share lease arrangement of the building.

Post-earthquake they needed to move from the former Memorial Building (where the new Trousselot skatepark and playground now are), first to Wylie Park and then Baker Park.


Kids’ Fishing Competition in Kaiapoi

15 March 2015


About 160 kids and their families enjoying a lovely #Kaiapoi day. The Kaiapoi Club have been doing this for 33 years!

Help Bring Fanfare to Canterbury!

29 September 2014

Fanfare, by renowned sculptor Neil Dawson, was originally hung from the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a feature of the 2005 New Year Celebrations.  It has now been gifted to Christchurch by the City of Sydney and Scape Public Art are raising funds to install it at Chaney’s Corner.  It will be an amazing sight – as we in North Canterbury come off the Waimakariri Bridge, it will be right there – it will also be prominent as we drive on the Main North Road from the old bridge.

look on it as a symbol of Canterbury’s revival from the trauma of the last four years.

You can find out more at 


Have Your Say About the Red Zones

3 August 2014

There will be a number of ways people can have their say on the future of the Residential Red Zones in Kaiapoi, The Pines and Kairaki.  The Waimakariri District Council and CERA are leading an ideas programme to hear what you, the community, would like to see.

This is really important for the future of Waimakariri – I believe of historic importance.

One easy way is to put you thoughts on-line – that way your thinking can be seen by others. Anonymous entries are absolutely fine.

It’s simple: just go to …

Community to be Asked About Future of the Waimakariri Red Zones – Great!

30 July 2014

Minister Gerry Brownlee announced today that a community engagement is about to start with regard to future of the Red Zones in Kaiapoi, The Pines and Kairaki.

The process will be run jointly by the Waimakariri District Council and CERA and will be conducted on a variety of fronts: a website, public meetings or workshops, schools, etc.

Note that this is only for Waimakariri – the Christchurch engagement will happen later.

We encourage people to talk with the families, neighbours and friends and send their thoughts in.

Obviously people in our community have been talking and asking about the red zone future for the last three years, and a lot of suggestions have been made already.  An example has been the work done by The Pines and Kairaki Beaches Association.  All of that thinking will be fed into the mix of ideas that is going to emerge.

The full text of today’s media statement can be found at:


Active Ageing Afternoon in Kaiapoi This Week

27 July 2014


The Waimakariri District: Looking Forward to 2014

6 January 2014

For those who missed it, the following appeared in this week’s Northern Outlook. 

2014 should see progress in a number of areas over which residents have expressed frustration in 2013.

The future of the District’s residential red zones has been an issue since their announcement in June 2011. They are now in a very sorry state with their empty sections and abandoned houses – not a great environment for those still living there and nearby. The government and CERA now indicate they are willing to think about these zones’ future and they have agreed that the community and the Council will be involved in determining that future. I expect to see real progress this year along with developments on the Kaiapoi riverbank.

The Kaiapoi and Rangiora town centres have a lot ahead of them. I expect to see owners making decisions for the Rangiora rebuild early in the year as they engage tenants. Work should be getting under way soon on one of the Kaiapoi gaps and during the year final property purchases should enable construction to start on the Red Lion corner realignment and at least the design work by new owners for the Hansens site in Kaiapoi.

At the time of writing, the three main controversial “in limbo” buildings had not had their futures announced by their owners. The John Rhind (former BNZ) building in Kaiapoi (empty since September 2010) and the Farmers and Robbie’s buildings (both empty since March 2012) will soon have those decisions and hopefully reconstruction under way. Work should start on the West Eyreton memorial arch in the second half of the year.

By the end of 2014, much of infrastructure work, mainly in Kaiapoi, but also in Pines-Kairaki , Rangiora, Waikuku and Cust, should be completed. The recent cost-sharing agreement with the government is certainly a help there.

The major projects already started or with contracts awarded will be either completed or nearing completion: the Kaiapoi Library, Museum and Service Centre, the Ashley Bridge and the Rangiora and Oxford Town Halls.

This community has been facing the biggest natural disaster in material terms in NZ history. We are now on the way out with the biggest works programme ever undertaken in North Canterbury.



Ford Rally Tours Waimakariri

30 September 2013

_MG_1416 (300x200)

If you were in Kaiapoi, Tuahiwi, Loburn, White Rock or Rangiora yesterday, and saw a huge variety of vehicles of varying going past and wondered what was going on, a closer look would have told you they were Fords. Fords come from a variety of places, of course: USA, Britain, Australia, even Japan.

Yours truely was therein our 1968 Corsair, but the variet was huge, from a Model ‘T’ and a number of Model ‘A’s, to Cortinas, Mustangs and Thunderbirds. The car pictured is a 1955 Ford Popular.

The annual Henry Ford Rally always starts in New Brighton and often finishes north of the Waimakariri. For many years it has been run by Trevor and Lorraine Stanley, recently of Christchurch but now of Amberley. At right is a 1955 Ford Popular at the finishing point, Rossburn, near Rangiora.

Women’s Suffrage 120th Anniversary Was Worth Celebrating

30 September 2013

Thanks to Lois McGirr of Amberley, a series of women’s suffrage commemorations were held in Amberley, Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend on 19 September, the 120th anniversary of the passage of the Act that gave New Zealand women the vote.

130919 Women's Suffrage 120th Anniversary 12 (300x225)Speakers paid tribute to the work of local North Canterbury women who fought for the vote and the role played by the Women’s Christian Temperance movement.  They also rolled out a long purple ribbon that many locals had signed, the ribbon being the same length as the petition that Sir John Hall took into Parliament in 1893 in support of women’s suffrage. The photo shows the ribbon being signed by Maxine Palmer of Rangiora.

A local historical footnote: New Zealand’s first woman MP, Elizabeth McCombs, was born in Kaiapoi.

Spring Day Out in Kaiapoi – Saturday 5 October

19 September 2013


Kaiapoi Rubble Rousers Doing a Great Job Filling Gaps

16 September 2013

130810 Rubble Rousers in Kaiapoi 6 (300x225)The Kaiapoi Rubble Rousers are doing a great job filling the gaps in the town centre.

Here they are working on the empty site south of the ANZ Bank. The Kaiapoi Community Garden provided some stuff and the Rangiora Men’s Shed built the boxes. McAlpines Mega Mitre 10 in Southbrook also helped.

All-in-all, a Waimakariri community effort!

Two Good-News Housing Stories

15 September 2013
130914 Site of Kaiapoi Pensioner Units (400x300)

Site preparation for housing-for-the-elderly units in Kaiapoi

There has been a lot going on in Williams Street in Kaiapoi, just north of Ohoka Road, recently.  A couple of old houses have been demolished and there has been earth-moving and compaction.

This is the site for Kaiapoi’s new housing for the elderly that will replace the units between Hilton Street and Raven Quay, west of the town centre. These units were red-zoned by the Government in 2011 and for a long time the Council was looking for available land that was close to the town centre so that residents could get to the shops easily and which was large enough to contain about 25 units.

This was about all there was and fortunately it was made available to the Council.

On another tack, people have been pointing out that many of the red-zoned houses in Kaiapoi and Christchurch are perfectly sound and are able to be shifted away from their suspect land and reused elsewhere.  There has been a bit of such removal going on, but the availability of land has often been an issue.

In a welcome move, however, the Department of Corrections and Housing New Zealand have joined forces to bring houses out of the red zones and refurbish them at Rolleston Prison. The prisoners will learn skills that should be able to get them jobs when they are released and the houses will be taken over by Housing New Zealand for rental.

130910 Rolleston Prison House Refurbishment (400x300)

Relocated houses being refurbished at Rolleston Prison

As everybody knows, housing supply is a real issue in Waimakariri and Christchurch. These are small steps along the way.

As an indicator of the shortage, the Waimakariri Council usually has about 30 on its waiting list for the 100+ elderly persons’ units it has in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Oxford and Woodend. Since the earthquakes, that list has about trebled.


Kaiapoi Railway Station & i-Site Now a “Landmark”

12 September 2013

130902 Kaiapoi Railway Station 2 (400x267)

The Kaiapoi Railway Station is now on its third site in its lifetime. Originally on the railway line (of course!) near where the Countdown now is, it was moved to its second site on top of the stopbank near the Tuhoe wharf. The September 2010 earthquake put it on a spectacular lean, so it is now temporarily not far away on Charles Street. With the District’s i-Site now back in residence, it is performing its previous function.

Last month the Prime Minister unveiled the District’s latest Landmarks plaque on it.130902 Kaiapoi Railway Station 7 (200x133)

Rangiora Town Hall Contract Let – and Other Major Projects Getting Under Way

10 September 2013

100102 Rangiora Town Hall001A

The contract for the strengthening and expansion of the Rangiora Town Hall has been let to Naylor Love. There is no specific start date, but expect it to be soon.  Site clearance has been carried out in preparation.

The tender was below budget, as was that of the new Kaiapoi Library, Museum and Service Centre.

The additions to the hall will assist in the strengthening of the existing part.

Other major projects are making good progress:

  • Work has started on the Kaiapoi library, service centre and museum.  This is the biggest of the post-earthquake projects.
  • Underground replacements and street works around the Kaiapoi bridge are progressing well.
  • The Oxford Town Hall strengthening and the rebuild of the A&P “hall” (part of the Town Hall) will go out to tender soon.
  • Design work is progressing well on the Cones Road Ashley Bridge (the only job here that is not earthquake related).
  • A Kaiapoi Community Board / Council working party has started work on the Kaiapoi riverbanks, including the wharf area.
  • Demolition of the Kaiapoi War Memorial building has commenced.  This will enable work to start on what will be the town’s central playground next to Trousselot Park.

Kaiapoi Farmers’ Market very Saturday morning, (plus others around the District!) – and the reopening of a roundabout!

31 July 2013

130727 Kaiapoi Street Party & Market 1 (400x300)The Kaiapoi Farmers’ Market happens every Saturday morning. Pop in for fresh stuff!

Last week it was part of a street party to celebrate the reopening of the roundabout on the Charles St / Williams St corner. Not a big deal you might have though, but it has actually been part of a very big job. This part of Kaiapoi was badly hit by liquefaction and lateral spread in the earthquakes and so it wasn’t just the road but all the sewers, water mains and stormwater that had to be fixed as well. Fortunately, there was vacant land around it that enabled the traffic to be diverted – but the work was still very disruptive and we appreciate the forbearance of businesses and residents during the construction period.

The photo on the right shows us gathering to do the reopening – all with the traffic flowing around. Jane Seddon and Neill Price of Kaiapoi Promotions did a great job organising the day. Kaiapoi felt good!130727 Kaiapoi Street Party & Market 5 (250x188)

And back to farmers’ markets – remember there are also those at Ohoka on Friday mornings and at Oxford on Sunday mornings.

New Houses Still Coming Thick and Fast in Waimakariri

4 July 2013













Residential   4 (Rural



Res 6









January 2013










February 2013










March 2013










April 2013










May 2013










June 2013





















77 consents for new dwellings were issued in June 2013, which is 7 more than for June 2012.  For the year to date 631 consents for new dwellings have been issued compared with 495 for the first 6 months of 2012.


In June 9 consents were issued for new dwellings in the Silverstream subdivision as compared with 11 elsewhere in Kaiapoi, principally in the Sovereign Palms subdivisions.


The distribution for consents for new dwellings for the Rural Zone for 2013 is:

19       UDS area east of Two Chain Road and South of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

47       West of District

18       North of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

TC3 Land Still in Limbo

24 June 2013

There isn’t a huge amount of “TC3” land in Waimakariri, but for Kaiapoi, a significant amount. Technical Category 3 is its full name. It’s land that needs to have a geotechnical report and a specifically-engineered foundation for any new house built on it.

The Waimakariri District’s TC3 land is all in Kaiapoi, mostly between the NE red zone and Beach Road, with some to the west of the town centre close to the railway line.

We held a meeting for the property owners last week at Kaiapoi High School. It was clear that life remains very difficult and they are feeling that not much has happened. They haven’t had a full report on their land as yet, although the drilling has been done. On top of that, the engineers are still trying to ascertain what is the best way to remediate such land where there is an existing house that doesn’t have to be demolished.

Kaiapoi and Waimakariri are a long way from being over the earthquake.

We Had Weather Today in Waimakariri

20 June 2013

The weather has continued to give Waimakariri District problems.

Today a Civil Defence Sector Post was set up at Fernside School after the Cust River went over its banks. Fortunately, no houses were affected.  A close watch is also being kept on the Dockey Creek, which flows through Fernside. Late this afternoon, the Dockey was OK.

Water has entered a few houses since Monday, for example in western Kaiapoi.

It snowed in the Oxford area and other higher parts of the District today.


A Business Association Going Well: Kaiapoi Promotions

19 June 2013

I went to the Kaiapoi Promotions Association AGM this evening.  The KPA is going well and is making its contribution to the positive feel in the town – which will be even better when it stops raining and we can get the Charles/ Williams corner finished!

Local Business Associations are very important in the District.  They are the voice of our business communities and speaking from a Council perspective, they really do assist us in our decision making. We need to hear the views of that part of our community.

Prime Minister Visits Kaiapoi – Gives and Receives Money! Kaiapoi Riverbank Project Gets a Major Boost.

23 May 2013

The Prime Minister John Key, with local Waimakariri MP Kate Wilkinson and yours truly acting as hosts, visited Kaiapoi yesterday. On the still-sloping platform (earthquake!) near the Tuhoe, he was acknowledged for the grant of $2m from the Earthquake Appeal Trust for the Kaiapoi Riverbank Restoration project. Trust member Colin MacDonald, who is also the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs announced the grant.

It should be noted that a $200,00 grant has also been made to the Cure Boating Club towards the reconstruction of their clubrooms on the north bank, neaKaiapoi Riverr the new library.

The CEO of Sky Television, John Fellet, also announced the donation of $1m from Sky to the Trust to go towards sports recovery in Canterbury.

The Riverbank Project will include restoring the walkway, repairing the wharf and constructing a new boat ramp. The Waimakariri-Ashley Lifeboat building is, of course, not part of the Council’s work, but their new clubrooms will also feature.  It is great that they already have the funding arranged.

Kaiapoi’s history is tied up with the river.  It is the reason Kaiapoi is where it is. This major project is an important step in Kaiapoi’s recovery from the earthqukes.

Waimakariri Council Gives New Kaiapoi Library Final Go-Ahead

23 May 2013

New Kaiapoi Library The Waimakariri Council has given the final go-ahead for the new Kaiapoi Library. It will also include the Council’s Service Centre, the Kaiapoi Museum and an art space providing a similar facility to the Chamber Gallery in Rangiora.

The Library and Service Centre have been closed since the September 2010 earthquake and were demolished a few months ago.

The Museum was formerly housed in the old Kaiapoi Court House. Badly damaged in that quake, it was demolished shortly afterwards. The collection is currently housed in the Air Force Museum at Wigram.

Tenders will be called next month and will include a remodelling of McAllister Square in front of the building and turning Raven Quay on the north side int a one-way pedestrian/vehicles “shared space” connecting the library to the riverbank.

The first floor of the two-storeyed building will afford views out over the Kaiapoi River, which is so central to Kaiapoi’s history.

The design will look something like the early concept shown here.

Good Meeting in Clarkville on Kendall Park Astroturf

8 May 2013

Kendall Park is the main football ground in Waimakariri and is the headquarters of the Waimak United Football Club.  The Council proposes to install an astroturf surface there to enable practices to be undertaken regardless of the weather. Currently, the demand for practice and match usage of grounds by rugby, football and league could mean the community will have to buy more land. Astroturfs are more cost-effective than buying land.

Residents in the vicinity of Kendall Park at the meeting learned that the astroturf pitch is unlikely to have much impact on them.  There are, however, real traffic safety concerns in Island Road and continuing problems with drainage around the park.  There will be further meeting to talk about these matters, as well as to give an update on the astroturf progress.

The astroturf will be able to be used for football and for training by league and rugby teams – especially if their grounds are “out” because they are too wet.

Kaiapoi Public Meeting Supportive of Council Programme in Town Centre

8 May 2013

Monday’s public meeting in Kaiapoi was supportive of what the Council is doing in the town centre.  The work on the north side of the bridge (pictured below) is almost complete. Next will be the bridge itself, followed by the intersection on the south side.  The intention is to complete that by the time that the new part of Blackwell’s opens in September. Also discussed was the new library / service centre / museum which will go out to tender in a few months.130405 Work in Williams St Kaiapoi (400x267)

Why We Need to Have Strong Town Centres in Kaiapoi and Rangiora

29 March 2013

Follow this link to an article in The Press earlier this month:

Note that GNS Science calculates that there is a 30% chance of an earthquake on the Alpine Fault in the next 50 years.


The New Blackwell’s is Well Under Way

29 March 2013

130320 Blackwell's Dept Store Under Construction (400x300)

The Blackwell’s Department Store rebuild is well under way, about to return to its prominent position overlooking both of Kaiapoi’s main axes, Williams Street and the Kaiapoi River.

Badly damaged in the September 2010 earthquake and unoccupied after that, it was demolished after the February 2011 aftershock, when it sustained more damage and was judged to be not repairable.

It has taken a long time to get to this stage, with the usual negotiations with insurers and a lot of work getting the engineering right.

The new building is designed by prominent Christchurch architects, Sheppard and Rout.

Kaiapoi people can’t wait!

080712 Blackwells' Kaiapoi (400x267)

The former building marked the northern entance to the central shopping area on Williams Street.

Another Habitat for Humanity House Being Built in Kaiapoi

27 March 2013
130212 Habitat for Humanity House in Fuller St, Kaiapoi (300x225)

The Fuller St house shortly after it arrived from Bexley.

Habitat for Humanity are putting in another house in Fuller Street, Kaiapoi. Unlikethe previous two, which are next door, this one has been brought in on the back of a truck from the Bexley Red Zone. A group of volunteers from the USA (+ one from Australia) helped prepare the site. I applaud the recycling of houses in this way. Many of the red zone houses are eminently removable and repairable, and it seems a waste to demolish them. Habitat for Humanity is an international organisation that puts up affordable houses all around the world, using a mixture of volunteers and professionals to build them.  It’s great to see them in Kaiapoi. 

130317 Habitat for Humanity House, Kaiapoi 2 (300x200)

The house down on its piles.

March is Fair Month in Waimakariri!

27 March 2013

The Oxford A&P Show comes at the end of the month, but March is fair month in our District.

130310 Sefton Gala & Sports 1 (300x225)

Sefton Gala and Sports

130310 Sefton Gala & Sports 2 (300x225)

Sefton Gala and Sports – a good old-fashioned sack race!

130317 Kaiapoi Toy Library Community Fun Day (300x200)

Kaiapoi Toy Library’s Community Fun Day

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