Re-Election Sought – Media Statement 1 April 2013

Media Statement from David Ayers, Mayor of Waimakariri

1 April 2013

David Ayers to Seek Re-election as Waimakariri Mayor

 Waimakariri Mayor David Ayers has announced that he is standing for re-election in the Local Government elections in October.

 In a speech to the Waimakariri Combined Probus Club, he reviewed the impact of the earthquakes on the Waimakariri District, particularly in Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach, Kairaki and the Rangiora town centre.

 “I wouldn’t want to campaign on Harold Macmillan’s “You’ve never had it so good”, because in some ways we’ve never had it so bad,” he said. “But I do claim that in the last three years, the Waimakariri community has shown that it is coming through these times very well.

 “We are 50,000 people who are largely doing OK and our Council has been playing its part in that. 

 “We do, of course, have a lot to do, but I strongly believe in this Waimakariri District of ours and that is why I want to lead it for the next three years.”

 In his speech he contrasted the challenges faced by residents, businesses and the Council in recovering from the earthquakes while at the same time the District’s population was paradoxically growing at an unprecedented rate.

 “I believe that we in this District have been very fortunate in having a Council that has remained united and focused throughout this term. We don’t agree on everything, of course, and you would probably think that something was wrong if we did. Nevertheless, we have continued to prioritise social recovery, making land available for new homes and restoring our town centres and community facilities, first of all in Kaiapoi and more latterly in Rangiora and Oxford as well,” he said.

 This is David Ayers’ first term.  He won the mayoralty in 2010, a month after the September 2010 earthquake.  At the time he had been a councillor for over 20 years.

 The full text of the speech and a recent photograph are being distributed with this media statement.

 Authorised by DL Ayers, 279 High Street, Rangiora 7400.


One Response to “Re-Election Sought – Media Statement 1 April 2013”

  1. Carolyn Schuitman Says:

    David, you are doing an amazing job through difficult times. I applaud you and wish you well in the elections. You have certainly got my vote. Carolyn Schuitman

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