Contacting David Ayers

279 High Street,  Rangiora 7400,  New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 313-6262

Mobile: +64 27 648-5677

Fax: +64 3 313-6263

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Skype:  david.and.marilyn.ayers

9 Responses to “Contacting David Ayers”

  1. Felix Forgues Says:

    Hi councilor Ayers,

    Regarding the 5kms radius rates for the Dudley Park Pool, I think that it should be paid evenly throughout the District, unless Kaiapoi residents are the only ones to pay for their pool through rates. I would be surprised if it was the case.

    The more I learn about you, the more I think that you should be our Mayor next term…!

  2. Ivan Taylor. Says:

    David, Your problem with the Advisry Committee’s decisions being ignored by council is not new, In my 9 years on the Kaiapoi Community Board we had the same trouble. Often I wondered why we even existed, I often thought that we were presented with a decision to make and asked to recomend something just to justify our existance and try and keep the locals happy.

  3. Geoff Swailes Says:

    David. Thanks for this first expose’ to your blog. I would like to be included in future,(if that is how it is done). I note your comments re air pollution and Rodney Hide, maybe we could have a “discussion” someday.
    Well done with this blog David. Now I know what a blog is!

  4. Geoff Swailes Says:

    David thanks for your Aug09 blog.
    Air pollution, this preoccupation with “exeedences’ is absurd. We should be including all of the “good” results (50), Then taking an average of all daily readings over a longer period of time than one day,say a week, or a month, or two. An air pollution rating over a longer period would be much more meaningful .Surely commonsense would tell us that it is exposure over the long term that initiates poor health outcomes ,not the one only blast above (50). Yes I do realise that it is Parliament that has regulated these rules and that Ecan has to apply them.Also that Parliament has simply copied from the Basle Convention. But surely we in NZ can formulate our own rules to meet our own problem.
    These comments do not deny the problem of air pollution, just attempt to bring a bit of commonsense into its solution.

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Geoff

      I understand the Government is looking at changing two things: the number of exceedences allowed and the deadline for communities to meet the standard. We can but wait and see!

  5. Geoff Swailes Says:

    Another reply to your Aug09 blog. RATES FUNDING.
    I was disappointed to see you are still plugging the line that rates are best funded from property values. This line was first started by king Henry VIII, 450 years ago, surely we can use 21st century means to achieve an equitable funding formula.
    Whatever basis of property we use to calculate rates , it will always be unjust to somebody. Reason, it is not property that benefits from rates revenue,it is people. Therefore we should be rating people not property.
    How do we rate people?. By their ability to pay (Just like income tax)
    1. A local sales tax, in conjunction with,
    2. A local income tax
    3 And yes an element of taxing a property also, depending upon its demand on local authority services.
    Too hard to administer ?. Just think about it for 5 minutes.

  6. David Ayers Says:

    Thanks Geoff.
    I think you have enunciated a problem that many have thought about over the years – and that includes me. I don’t so much support propertyu-based rates as accept that we currently have them and that they should be as fair as possible. Problems that have been identified with local income taxes include keeping track of people when they shift from district to district. Local sales taxes may influence where people shop if one district as a different level of tax than its neighbour.
    What has been suggested is that a small part of GST be allocated to Local Government, probably on a property basis.
    Central Government being a conduit for Local Government does however lead to the suspicion that the former will want to decide how the mony is spent, rather than local residents. This happens now with roading, where much local spending is subsidised through fuel tax and the NZ Transport Agency, who exercise a lot of say in how the money is used.

  7. Greg Says:

    Firstly congratulations on winning the position of mayor. I do hope that you have success in drawing the district together.

    Secondly, can you tell us what the condition of the Rangiora Town Hall building is and what the future may hold for it?


    • David Ayers Says:

      Thanks Greg. One of the few good things that has come out of the earthquake is that the whole District agrees on what the priorities are, i.e. the recovery effort in Kaiapoi, The Pines and Kairaki – not forgetting that there are badly damaged properties in other parts of the District too.

      As for the Rangiora Town Hall, it is structurally OK, but there has been interior damage to ceilings, etc. It should be open some time in January.

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