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North Canterbury Business Awards

15 September 2010

It seems a long time ago now (the night before the Earthquake) – but congratulations to Karen and Karl Upston of Envirocomp for winning the supreme North Canterbury Business Award this year.

To find out more about them, go 

Congats too to all  the other winners.  They provide ample evidence that business innovation and enterprise are alive and kicking in North Canterbury – the kind of enterprise that will see Kaiapoi and Pines-Kairaki emerge from the silt.

Envirocomp Opens Nappy-Composting Plant

7 August 2009


Karen and Karl Upston’s Envirocomp plant is now up-and-running in Balcairn.

With funding from Huggies, this is a world-leading initiative to keep disposable nappies out of landfill – and they are a significant part of what goes into the likes of Kate Valley.

This morning, Environment Minister Hon Nick Smith opened the plant and within days the first nappies should be being processed.

IMG_0757The Waimakariri and Kaikoura District Councils are offering a $1 per week subsidy for those users of the service for the first six months of its operation.  The normal weekly cost is $5.

This is a great initiative and we can only hope that success and growth result.  It will be watched by many parties as the world continues to try to reduce the amount of waste it puts into the environment.

Innovation in Waimakariri

14 September 2008

Last week the Rangiora Ward Advisory Board received a presentation from Karen and Karl Upston of Rangiora.  They are the people who piloted a scheme to recycle disposable nappies.

Well, it worked and they are about to go commercial.  The nappies are mixed with green waste to produce compost.  They will be taking all the green waste from the Southbrook transfer station.

You can read more about it at .  Their plant will be in the Hurunui District.

More Rubbish Thoughts

16 August 2008

The reasons why the Council are considering new ways of dealing with domestic solid waste in the towns include:

  • We are not reducing the amount going to landfill.
  • Christchurch is changing to a new system and that tends to make Waimakariri people question the way we are doing it.

Town ratepayers do, however, need to think about a few other things:

  • What do they think they can afford?
  • Rates in Rangiora and Oxford will be going up quite a lot because of the new water schemes.

It’s complicated!

The Council’s consultation document can be found at:

Whither Our Solid Waste?

11 August 2008

Soon we are going to be asked for our views on getting rid of our household rubbish – you might have heard that Christchurch is moving to a new system so that they send less to Kate Valley than they are doing.  We in the Waimakariri towns are going to be asked for our views too.

There is a useful website at

To the right you can see a page on current practices the various Districts in Canterbury.  This page is taken from the above website.

In the comments below you can find an offering from Marilyn Brackney, an art teacher who is working to encourage children’s creative use of waste.  She runs a commercial website (there is a link there), which you might like to have a look at. 

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