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Have Your Say About the Red Zones

3 August 2014

There will be a number of ways people can have their say on the future of the Residential Red Zones in Kaiapoi, The Pines and Kairaki.  The Waimakariri District Council and CERA are leading an ideas programme to hear what you, the community, would like to see.

This is really important for the future of Waimakariri – I believe of historic importance.

One easy way is to put you thoughts on-line – that way your thinking can be seen by others. Anonymous entries are absolutely fine.

It’s simple: just go to …

Ten-Year Plan out for Consultation this Weekend

1 March 2012

The Draft 2012-22 Ten Year Plan will be out for consultation this weekend – in hard copy and on the Council website, . These plans are revised every three years and outline what the Council intends to do over that period of time and how it is going to pay for it.  So it affects rates!

Submissions close on 3 April and can be made on-line, by email or by hard copy.  People who wish to appear before the Council to be heard can do so.

Councils up and down the country are doing this, so there’ll be a bit of publicity about proposed rates levels and so on.  It is important to realise that the proposed 5% rise in each of the next three years (largely driven by the earthquakes and earthquake-prone buildings) is a very coarse average.  There will be considerable variation from area to area.  An example is for Tuahiwi, where in addition to the District-wide matters, a new water supply is to get under way.  Rangiora will also be experiencing the last rate rise associated with its new water supply.

Council Sets Proposed Rates: “Average Rise of 3.5%” means 0.6% for Kaiapoi and 7.5% for Rangiora

9 February 2010

The Council today put its Annual Plan out for consultation.  Watch the news media for when it is available and when submissions close.

You will be told that there is an average rise of 3.5% and this represents a cut in the rate rise from the 6.2% signalled last year in the Ten Year Long Term Plan.  But hang on, this is the same Council that proposed the 6.2%.

The reason for the rise in some areas’ rates are varied.  In Rangiora’s case, it is mainly the cost of the upgraded water scheme that is the cause of it.  Of course, putting a targeted rate on the 5km zone around Dudley Aquatic Centre hasn’t helped the Rangiora ratepayer one bit.

The water scheme is necessary and what is being done is  the best option.  Who I have issue with are those who campaigned at the last election saying that they were going to make rates “affordable” – even although they were told that the water scheme was essential and that the District needed a new pool.

And for the record, I’m not just drawing attention to Rangiora.  “Average 3.5%” means 9.3% in Oxford, 8.8% in Ashley-Sefton, 5.7% in Fernside, and 10% in Summerhill.  In Oxford and Summerhill, new water schemes are the main reason – also signalled before the last election.


25 March 2009

The reason this blog has been silent is that we have been out of the country – in Malaysia (for a family wedding), Cambodia and Vietnam.  Travelling in those countries is more of an adventure than a holiday, but I think I’ve recovered!

A reminder: tomorrow (Friday 26 March) is the last day for submissions to the Council’s Ten-year Plan.

Performance Venues – All May Not Be As It seems

12 February 2009

As you may have seen in the Northern Outlook, the Council in its draft Ten Year Plan is proposing an immediate $50,000 to investigate and develop concept plans for performance venues in the District.  It has also put in, for 2013-14, $5m (including $1m of community fundraising) for venue development.

Note that 2013-14 is after the next election and after the next Ten Year Plan. It is by no means guaranteed, but the Council is obliged to act in good faith when signalling future expenditure to the community.rangiora-town-hall

 The money is not necessarily directed towards the Rangiora Town Hall.  The investigation will include other parts of the District, obviously Kaiapoi, and what is investigated in Rangiora will include Rangiora High School.

Nevertheless, it is clear to most locals that the Rangiora Town Hall is the venue that should be developed in Rangiora.  It is totally inadequate for modern productions like last year’s Les Mis by the North Canterbury Musical Society and such productions simply cannot happen in schools.  NCMS, for instance, was working in the Town Hall for two months for Les Mis.  Take it from a former Deputy Principal: no school can work around that!

Having said that, I am totally in support of developing a decent performance venue in Kaiapoi.  Quite simply, the town needs one.  If the Kaiapoi High School auditorium fits the need after an upgrade of its facilities, that would certainly be a good option.

The question is however, will the money allocated for 2013-14 be enough for two venues?

One piece of good news – the portacom proposal has gone!

The 5km rating area is still in! Extra load for ratepayer minority

12 February 2009

The Council is STILL recommending that for a targeted rate to help pay for the new Dudley Park Pool, a 5km-radius circle be drawn from Dudley Park.  This will take in parts of Ashley and parts of Fernside, and reach south to about the Main Drain.

At the recent Council meeting that decided on the Draft Ten Year Plan, I described this circle as iniquitous and ham-fisted.  I stand by that.

If you too think it is unfair, submit to the Council and tell them so!

A while ago I put the following into this blog.

This is one third of the funding structure – the bit that includes fund-raising and a targeted rate for the “Rangiora area.”  The rate will cover anything less than $3m not raised by fund-raising.

There are at least three problems with this.

  1. 5km covers a very small area. This small area will carry a heavy burden for a facility that will benefit most of the District.  This burden can be reduced by fund-raising – but those more than 5km away will have little incentive to help with fund-raising – or even contribute towards it.
  2. The line has been drawn “as the crow flies” (perhaps we are building a bird-bath?).  It ignores the fact that this is very different from road distances.  The result is that there are people within the line whose houses are further away from the pool than those of people who live outside the line.
  3. The line goes right through the middle of two rural-residential subdivisions: Loburn Lea (in Dixons Road) and Fernside.

Concentrating this rate on such small part of the District will put a heavier load on ratepayers on fixed incomes, many of whom live in Rangiora.

It also ignores Rangiora’s historical and continuing function as a rural service town where people come from a wide area for their services – including, in the future, the opportunity to swim in a covered all-year pool.

The Coming LTCCP Process

29 November 2008

The Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) is the process that the council follows to signal to the community what it plans to do over the next ten years.  There is a new LTCCP drawn up every three years, so the earlier a project in the LTCCP, the greater the commitment to it.  The LTCCP incorporates the Annual Plan for the first 12 months. In the “off” years, the Council issues Annual Plans and as part of them, can amend the current LTCCP.  This means, therefore, that a Council might amend an LTCCP following an election – and there is always an election about 20 months after the issuing of an LTCCP.

All of these (LTCCPs, amendments to LTCCPs and Annual Plans) are subject to consultation with the community.

 This is the process that the Council will follow in the next few months:

 Thu 11 Dec to Mon 15 Dec:  Community Plans Committee considers staff recommendations for the LTCCP and in turn makes recommendations to the Council. This committee has five members: the Mayor and the four committee chairs, who include the Deputy Mayor.  They are, besides the Mayor, Elaine Cole, Peter Farrant, Neville Atkinson and Sandra Stewart.  The rest of us can go but can’t vote.

 Tue 27 Jan & Wed 28 Jan (reserve day 29 Jan): Council considers LTCCP and agrees on a draft that will go out for community consultation.

 Mon 9 Feb: Council votes to send out a Draft LTCCP to the community.  This is usually a perfunctory exercise because the decisions were made on 27-28 Jan.

 Shortly after this, the draft LTCCP is printed and made available to the public, who can then start making written or emailed submissions.  I don’t know what date submissions will close.

 Thu 19 Feb: the three Ward Advisory Boards and the Kaiapoi Community Board hold a joint meeting at which they are briefed on the draft LTCCP by staff.  The three WABs and their chairs are Rangiora (Murray Clarke), Oxford-Eyre (Vic Allen) and Woodend-Ashley (Duncan Lundy).  The chair of the Kaiapoi Community Board is Tom Bayliss.

 Thu 30 Apr, Fri 1 May & Mon 4 May: Council hears oral submissions on the LTCCP.  Thu and Fri are In Rangiora, Mon in Kaiapoi. To make an oral submission, you have to first make a written or emailed one, although that could be very brief.

 Wed 13 May to Fri 15 May: Council considers the submissions and makes decisions on them.

 Thu 11 May: Council adopts the LTCCP.

Annual Plan Submissions – Deadline Looms

26 March 2008

The deadline for submissions to the Draft Annual Plan is Friday 28 March.  Have your say now!

You can do it on-line at

Have Your Say! Dudley Park Aquatic Centre? Water?

24 February 2008

The Waimakariri District Council’s Draft Annual Plan is open for submissions – and they are taking them until 28 March.

You can view the draft plan online at , or you can pick up copies from the service centres and libraries.  There was a useful summary in the Northern Outlook  of Wednesday 20 February.

Submission forms can be obtained from the same sources – and online submissions can be made.

A simple letter will suffice, but remember to include your name and address. You can fax to (03) 313 4432 or email to .

If you support or oppose the proposed Dudley Park Aquatic Centre it is important that you make a submission.

Other matters on which you might wish to comment could include:

  • The deferral of bringing on new sources of water supply for Summerhill and Rangiora. (It looks like the Council itself will submit to start Oxford township’s immediately – although you might want to encourage them to do this.)  
  • Reducing the amount available for an upgrade of Rangiora’s town centre.
  • Whether the deferrals of essential or desirable works are desirable in the long term.

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