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The Latest on Southbrook Road

28 June 2015


The latest on the work going on in Southbrook Road, including some likely dates for future completions, can be found at:

The photo above is not the new supermarket! – but it is a familiar sight.


Another New Building in Kaiapoi

14 March 2015


A new commercial building is arising on the corner of Williams and Charles Streets where the Post Office once was. A corner clock tower is incorporated in the design, a nod to past history. The Post Office originally had a clock tower but this was removed in the 1930s as a safety measure following the Napier earthquake.

Pegasus Residents Pose Lots of Questions

10 February 2015

At one of the periodic public meetings called by the Pegasus Residents Association tonight, plenty of questions were asked of Todd Properties Ltd and Waimakariri District Council staff.

Strong themes included swale maintenance, Pegasus Lake, the commercial centre, traffic speed and street trees.

From my point of view, it was a very useful meeting. Not all of the town is in Council hands yet but progressively this is coming to pass.

Farmers Demolition to Start Soon – and Timetable for Rebuild Announced

4 June 2014

The following media statement was issued on behalf of Farmers today.


New Farmers store confirmed for Rangiora


Rangiora is getting its new Farmers department store.


Following a long drawn out insurance claim, settlement has been reached for the town’s earthquake damaged CBD building paving the way for a heads of agreement between Farmers and owners Mandeville Properties to develop a new store.


Demolition of the existing building is expected to begin shortly and the new Farmers is expected to open in early 2016.


Farmers chief financial officer Michael Power says demolition of the building will enable the council to remove the site fences.


“Business people in Rangiora will be delighted as this will bring some normality back to the CBD,” Mr Power says. “Mandeville Properties is a local business and it has worked extremely hard to retain a department store in the town.


“Now that the key aspects of the heads of agreement have been agreed we expect to begin construction in January next year. The plan is to have the new Farmers Rangiora store open for business about 12 months after that.”


Waimakariri District mayor David Ayers is delighted with the news.


“The rebuild and return of Farmers to its existing site is crucial to the revival of the central retail area and the council has been working with Mandeville Properties and Farmers to achieve that.


“Along with the strengthening of existing buildings and other new shops currently being designed, Rangiora is going to come back better than ever.  It is going to be exciting to watch the new Farmers and the specialty shops rise over the next 18 months or so.”


In February, Farmers and Mandeville Properties said they were in meaningful discussions with the insurers and a collaborative approach to managing the construction of a new store would be taken.


The current building suffered extensive damage in successive Canterbury earthquakes. The new store will cover approximately 5,900 square metres and will include up to five speciality shops.


Rangiora is the largest town in North Canterbury and has a population of around 16,000.


Issued for Farmers by Pead PR

Farmers Announces Plans for Return to Rangiora

5 February 2014

The following is from a media statement released by The Farmers today.

Rangiora’s Farmers department store, closed for nearly two years, will be rebuilt despite an unsettled insurance dispute.  

    The store’s lengthy closure has been blamed for the town centre’s slow recovery following the earthquakes.  

    However, in an announcement today Farmers chief financial officer Michael Power said the company and property owner Mandeville Properties were working together to build a new store on the same site.  

    The new store of approximately 5000 square metres would include up to five speciality shops.   

    The current building suffered extensive damage in the earthquakes and has been the subject of a protracted dispute between Mandeville Properties and ACE Insurance Ltd.   

    Power said Farmers would continue to facilitate discussions between the insurer and the owners on a settlement of the claim.  

    “We understand how difficult this has been for our customers and the wider business community. While the question of insurance has yet to be settled we want to get things moving again as quickly as possible for the benefit of everyone,” Power said.   

    He could not say when construction on the new store would begin.  

    “We’re hopeful of getting things started very soon but because the details are yet to be worked out I really can’t say when a new store will open.” 

The Waimakariri District: Looking Forward to 2014

6 January 2014

For those who missed it, the following appeared in this week’s Northern Outlook. 

2014 should see progress in a number of areas over which residents have expressed frustration in 2013.

The future of the District’s residential red zones has been an issue since their announcement in June 2011. They are now in a very sorry state with their empty sections and abandoned houses – not a great environment for those still living there and nearby. The government and CERA now indicate they are willing to think about these zones’ future and they have agreed that the community and the Council will be involved in determining that future. I expect to see real progress this year along with developments on the Kaiapoi riverbank.

The Kaiapoi and Rangiora town centres have a lot ahead of them. I expect to see owners making decisions for the Rangiora rebuild early in the year as they engage tenants. Work should be getting under way soon on one of the Kaiapoi gaps and during the year final property purchases should enable construction to start on the Red Lion corner realignment and at least the design work by new owners for the Hansens site in Kaiapoi.

At the time of writing, the three main controversial “in limbo” buildings had not had their futures announced by their owners. The John Rhind (former BNZ) building in Kaiapoi (empty since September 2010) and the Farmers and Robbie’s buildings (both empty since March 2012) will soon have those decisions and hopefully reconstruction under way. Work should start on the West Eyreton memorial arch in the second half of the year.

By the end of 2014, much of infrastructure work, mainly in Kaiapoi, but also in Pines-Kairaki , Rangiora, Waikuku and Cust, should be completed. The recent cost-sharing agreement with the government is certainly a help there.

The major projects already started or with contracts awarded will be either completed or nearing completion: the Kaiapoi Library, Museum and Service Centre, the Ashley Bridge and the Rangiora and Oxford Town Halls.

This community has been facing the biggest natural disaster in material terms in NZ history. We are now on the way out with the biggest works programme ever undertaken in North Canterbury.



New Houses Still Coming Thick and Fast in Waimakariri

4 July 2013













Residential   4 (Rural



Res 6









January 2013










February 2013










March 2013










April 2013










May 2013










June 2013





















77 consents for new dwellings were issued in June 2013, which is 7 more than for June 2012.  For the year to date 631 consents for new dwellings have been issued compared with 495 for the first 6 months of 2012.


In June 9 consents were issued for new dwellings in the Silverstream subdivision as compared with 11 elsewhere in Kaiapoi, principally in the Sovereign Palms subdivisions.


The distribution for consents for new dwellings for the Rural Zone for 2013 is:

19       UDS area east of Two Chain Road and South of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

47       West of District

18       North of the Ashley River/Rakahuri

Kaiapoi Public Meeting Supportive of Council Programme in Town Centre

8 May 2013

Monday’s public meeting in Kaiapoi was supportive of what the Council is doing in the town centre.  The work on the north side of the bridge (pictured below) is almost complete. Next will be the bridge itself, followed by the intersection on the south side.  The intention is to complete that by the time that the new part of Blackwell’s opens in September. Also discussed was the new library / service centre / museum which will go out to tender in a few months.130405 Work in Williams St Kaiapoi (400x267)

Waimakariri Building Consents for Dwellings Still Running at Record Levels

7 March 2013

The building consents issued for dwellings in January and February are running at similar levels to last year.


So far this year (January – February), 224 dwelling permits have been issued. For the same time last year, 127 were issued – and that was historically high.

Specifically for those two months this year, they were:

  • Kaiapoi 66
  • Rangiora 41
  • Oxford 11
  • Woodend 2
  • Small towns / beaches 4
  • Rural Residential 4 (e.g. Mandeville, Fernside) 28
  • Pegasus 45
  • Rural 27


Building Consents at Highest Level Ever in Waimakariri

28 February 2013

These graphs speak for themselves.


Pegasus Three Years Ago

19 October 2012

Pegasus in September 2009. It is easy to forget how much it has grown.

Community Buildings Under Construction All Over the District

18 September 2012

There are are a number of community buildings under construction across our District – some photos from last Sunday …

Wharenui at Tuahiwi

Oxford Men’s Shed

Oxford Gym

Woodend Community Centre Extension

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

24 August 2012

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

The rumour is that a big shopping development is going in the MainPower site.

Well, it could happen, but until MainPower put it on the market and someone buys it, no-one knows what will actually happen there.

For the record, the land is zoned Business 2 (like the southern part of Southbrook and Newnham Street). Shopping streets like central High Street, Rangiora, and the central part of Williams Street in Kaiapoi are zoned Business 1.

Rumours I Have Heard 3: A New Service Station Is Coming to Rangiora

23 August 2012

This has some substance. The fuel companies have been looking (now that there are only two in Rangiora – the Caltez and the Southbrook Z station) but nothing has come of it yet.

Foodstuffs, who are bringing Pak ‘n Save to Southbrook, have applied for resource consent for a fuel outlet there.

Ashley Bridge Proposed for Council Programme

31 January 2012

A new Ashley Bridge at Cones Road, Rangiora, is in the Draft Long Term (10 Year) Plan as a proposal to go to the Canterbury Regional Transport Committee and the NZ Transport Agency for inclusion in their programme for the next three years. 

Approval at that level is necessary for the project to gain Government subsidy. If the bridge includes a separate pedestrian lane, the total cost is likely to be in the area of $10.2m, with a bit over $4m being the Waimakariri District’s share.

If we don’t put an application in this year, we will have to wait another three years.  The bridge has a good chance of making the cut, the main question being its width.

The Capital Rating Debate

28 January 2012

On the right side of your screen, you should see a heading Pages.  To open a page, simply click on it.

If you go into the site via Twitter, the right side might not show.  Try opening direct through the internet.

The two that I put on this morning are:

Democracy and Consultation

Capital Value versus Land Value Based Rating

Sorry they are a bit long!

Trees Make a Difference in Town Centres

16 January 2012

Central Canberra

Supermarket Wars in Waimakariri

15 January 2012

The supermarkets are certainly getting thick on the ground.

The Kaiapoi New World reopened last month after being rebuilt – the previous building was, of course, badly damaged by the September quake.  That was great for Kaiapoi and has been one of the signs that commercially Kaiapoi is on the road back.

In the meantime, the Rangiora New World has undergone a significant expansion.

Next week, the new Countdown in Ivory Street, Rangiora, will be opened. That will make two Countdowns in Rangiora, along with the one in Kaiapoi..

People often ask me if Pak ‘n Save is coming to Southbrook after all.  The latest information that I have is that it has been delayed while Foodstuffs get a couple of New Worlds back open in Christchurch (Redcliffs and St Martins, I think).  The first job that has to be done at Southbrook is to divert the Southbrook stream around the edge of the site.

The new building going up beside St Mary’s Anglican Church in Southbrook Road is the Rangiora Mazda building, replacing their site on the Pak ‘n Save site.

Is Waimakariri Growing?

14 January 2012

It certainly looks like it.

The Sovereign Palms subdivision north of Kaiapoi is moving fast and a lot of interest has been shown in the Silverstream subdivision to the west of that town.  Given that most of those in the Kaiapoi red zones have indicated hat they want to stay in Kaiapoi, this is not surprising.

Local will have noted the houses springing up in the new Horncastle subdivision on the eastern side of Rangiora and in the Arlington subdivision in the north-west.  Pegasus has got going again, too.

Real estate firms are reporting that there is also strong demand for rural life-style blocks, particularly in the Clarkville-Ohoka area and for rural-residential properties in the likes of Mandeville.

This all suggests that many of those who are having to move out of Christchurch are looking north.  Historically, this has been the pattern for some time, but there does seem to be a very strong spile: in November the Council received over 200 applicatons for building consents.  The strongest year that we have had in the past has been on the 600s.

Day One …

12 October 2010

The first day in the job had a couple of highlights.

A group of Japanese local councillors visited as part of a study tour to NZ and Australia.  They were here for about an hour, with CEO Jim Palmer taking them through a presentation about the structure of local government in New Zealand.

As well as the usual exchange of symbolic gifts, the delegation presented a contribution to the earthquake recovery fund.

In the evening, we had the second of a series of meeting with Kaiapoi business people about the future development of the central business centre there.  The preparation of a Kaiapoi Town Centre Strategy, which has been going on for over a year, is being fast-tracked to ensure that the rebuilding of the central area after the earthquake doesn’t compromise what the community wants long term.

The meeting was very well attended and more are planned.

Rangiora Town Centre Strategy Adopted

21 September 2010

The Council today adopted the Rangiora Town Centre Strategy.

Staff are to continue planning for its implementation.  Obviously, there will be room for more community input at budget time.

I will report later on what is in it.

Town Centres: My Position

19 September 2010

There has been ongoing work on the Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centres for some time.

The Kaiapoi one seems to have stalled – it started well before the Rangiora process, yet the Rangiora report is to go to the Council this week.  There also seems to be a lack of  wider community awareness of what was going on in Kaiapoi – but now the earthquake has changed everything.

Obviously the first priority is to finalise the Kaiapoi plan so that reconstruction of the town centre can get under way as soon as possible.  While the damage has not been so great as to demand a complete redesign, the loss of the Museum, for example, does present opportunities.

The Rangiora concept plan will demand expenditure – as will Kaiapoi’s.  The earthquake may cause a reprioritisation, but it is important that work starts soon in both towns and that progress is seen to be being made.

The other challenge is Woodend.  Even if NZTA decides for a bypass soon, we still have at least 15 years in which we need to be developing a viable and attractive town centre for Woodend.

The Ashley Bridge: My Position

19 September 2010

Costings have not been fully done, but early indications are that a new bridge serving Ashley, Loburn and Sefton would cost $8m-$11m.  If we were to continue repairing the old bridge it would cost about $2m over 20 years, still have to close it for up to 20 days a year and then need to build a new one.

To me it is a no-brainer.  We all know that the bridge is too narrow and has other deficiencies. The only thing standing in the way of building a new one would be the failure of the NZ Transport Agency to fund its share.

One Waimakariri District: My Position

29 August 2010

Ever since I was elected to the Waimakariri District Council in  its first elections, in 1989, I have regarded myself as a Waimakariri councillor not a Rangiora one (I had six years off in 2001-07).

As far as I am concerned, wards are a means of achieving a geographical spread of councillors.  Once elected, however, we are sworn in as Waimakariri councillors and we have to make decisions for the whole District.

One of the challenges has always been to be seen to be “doing” things for the entire District.  It is common for people to say that all the money gets spent in one part of the District rather than others. 

This is exacerbated by the fact that a large part of the District sees Rangiora as its service centre – shopping, professional services, secondary schooling, etc.  A consequence of this is that there is often a demand for improved facilities in Rangiora.

My own view is that there are some facilities that should be available in various parts of the District.  As Woodend and Pegasus grow towards something like their projected combined population of about 10,000, there should be a library facility somewhere there.  We should be looking into the possibility of adding a leisure pool to the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre,  just as Dudley Park has. 

We can also be looking at the complementarity of facilities, so that what is found in one part of the District can be complemented by what is found in another part.  You wouldn’t, for instance, want to replicate the Rangiora Town Hall in Kaiapoi, but a different, more flexible, kind of performance venue could be considered.

None of this has to happen this year or the next.  But we should be looking forward to the kind of facilities that a District with a population of 60,000+ (currently 46,000) will need.

The important things is that when we put a facility into one part of the District, it needs to be seen as being there for the whole District.

Countdown Hearing Under Way

28 June 2010

The hearing for the proposed Countdown Supermarket in Ivory Street, Rangiora, before Commissioner Jeff Page, is currently under way in the Council Chambers.  It is scheduled to last until Wednesday.

Rangiora Town Centre Options out for Consultation

9 June 2010

The Rangiora Town Centre options paper is out for consultation.

Pick up a copy from the council or go to for either the full document or a summary.

This is your chance to have your say about Rangiora’s future.  The town and the wider district depend on having a healthy and vibrant retail heart in Rangiora.

Submissions close on 25 June.

Enterprise North Canterbury’s “Business Gems”

9 June 2010


Enterprise North Canterbury periodically puts out an update called Business Gems.

You can find it at

When Is It Ever Going to Stop Raining?

26 May 2010

Retention Basin, Acacia Avenue, Rangiora, 26 May 2010

We’ve had a lot of rain in the last three days, and some parts of the District, like Oxford, are feeling the effects.  It’s still not a Civil Defence level event, but Council staff and contractors are being kept very busy.

There are parts of our District, for instance the lower-lying parts of Kaiapoi and southern Rangiora, which are historically swampy.  When we get a lot of rain, they tend to revert to their natural state.

The retention basin on the left is an example of what is supposed to happen – and the basin over the road was more-or-less empty when I took this photo this morning.  Part of the problem with this part of Rangiora is that water comes down from the rural parts of Johns Road and ends up here. The Council is working on this, but the work id not yet complete.

Obviously, with the area out to Lehmans Road within the designated urban limits, stormwater is an issue that will occupy the minds of the Council, residents and developers for some time to come.

Railway Drain culvert under Kowhai Avenue, Rangiora 26 May 2010

Even relatively new drainage works have the potential to come under pressure.  The cuklvert at the right has caused problems several times in the last couple of years and the Council has budgeted money in the coming year to investigate ways of alleviating what happens in heavy rain events.

Rangiora Town Centre Consultation Report Nearly Ready

14 May 2010

The former Northern A & P Building, Ivory Street

The report of the council, the three citizens and business groups and the consultants on the Rangiora Town Centre is close to being completed.  It will go before a Council committee on Tuesday 18 May (i.e. next week) and hopefully released to the public shortly after that.

This will not be a final report .  It will be a discussion of issues and options and will be open for public consultation.

Countdown Hearing Opposed

14 May 2010

The hearing for the proposed Countdown supermarket in Ivory Street, Rangiora, has been postponed until, I think, July.  This is at the request of Progressive Enterprises (i.e. Countdown / Woolworths) who want to study the Council’s planning officer’s report.

The planning officer in his report opposes the building of a supermarket on this site.  His main reasons centre around its inappropriateness in a Residential 1 zone and the negative impact it would have on the Town Centre.

In addition there is opposition from residential neighbours and the adjacent Kohanga Reo pre-school.  As well as the above, they cite traffic and noise issues.

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