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Enshi Photographic Exhibition at Chamber Gallery Rangiora – our Sister City on Display

25 March 2018

The Chamber Gallery in the #Rangiora library is now showcasing the work of photographers from Waimakariri’s sister prefecture, Enshi in Hubei Province.

These stunning photos are an example of how sister city relationships can enhance cultural exchanges between New Zealand and China.

Jeff Bell Caricatures at Chamber Gallery

20 June 2016


Home  town caricaturist Jeff Bell is exhibiting his first solo exhibition at the Chamber Gallery in #Rangiora. Some well-known people!

Kris Waldin Exhibition: “Peninsula” at the Chamber Gallery

15 May 2015


A stunning exhibition of (mostly!) landscapes from local artist Kris Waldin is currently showing at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora library.  Mounted as loose canvases, I like the way the light seems to come out of the middle of the landscapes. This is her first solo exhibition and it is showing until 28 May.


New Exhibition Coming to Chamber Gallery

2 October 2013

exhibition opening

Rangiora High School Exhibition at the Chamber Gallery – Amazing Young Talent

11 September 2013
130825 Rangiora HS in Chamber Gallery - work by Kieran Straw Y13 (400x300)

Work by Kieran Straw, Year 13

The latest exhibition at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library displays work by Rangiora High School students.  The talent of these young people is certainly impressive.

You check out the programme, including more on this exhibition at


Stephanie Sheehan Exhibition at Chamber Gallery

27 March 2013

130324 Stephanie Sheehan, Chamber Gallery 2 (250x188)The latest exhibition in the Rangiora Library’s Chamber Gallery is by Kaiapoi-raised Stephanie Sheehan. She has exhibited acrpss the length of New Zealand, and the current echibition shows a range of her works from throughout her career as an artist.

As with all exhibtions at the Chamber Gallery, this one is put on by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council.

Alison Erickson and Sam Mahon Exhibition at Chamber Gallery, Rangiora

21 February 2013
130217 Sam Mahon - Southern Man (300x400)

Sam Mahon – Southern Man

The latest exhibition at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library is “Endangered Species”, sculptures by Alison Erickson and drawings and scultures by Sam Mahon.

Exhibitions at the Chamber Gallery are organised by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council.

Sharon Earl Exhibition in Rangiora – Catch it!

25 December 2012

When the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library 121204 Sharon Earl Exhibition, Chamber Gallery 1 (600x800)opens after Christmas, catch the Sharon Earl exhibition there.

Sharon works with a welding torch in her hand and does some amazing work.  She tweets as @weldagirl so you get the idea!

You might have seen the moa sculpture in Waikari, near her Hawarden home. That’s her work!

Lots Happening in Waimakariri – a Community in Good Heart!

17 December 2012
121031 Kaiapoi Light Party 3 (300x225)

Kaiapoi Light Party

121026 Tree Planting at RHS (300x225)

Tree Planting at Rangiora High

121027 Plunket Stalls in Victoria Park (300x225)

Plunket Stalls in Rangiora

121028 Morris Dancers at Ashley School Fete 1 (300x225)

Morris Dancers at Ashley School Fete

121028 Sovereign Palms Family Fun Day (300x225)

Sovereign Palms Family Fun Day, Kaiapoi

121030 Historic Rangiora pictures 1 (300x200)

Murals on Rangiora “Pop-Up” Shops

121101 Kaiapoi HS Opening of Library Space 1 (300x225)

Opening of Kaiapoi High’s Library Space

121030 W-A Lifeboat 3 (300x200)

Driving Waimakariri-Ashley Lifeboat, near Kairaki

121101 Kaiapoi HS Road Crash (300x225) (300x225)

Road Crash Day at Kaiapoi High

121102 Kaiapoi Garden Club 90th 2 (300x225)

Kaiapoi Garden Club’s 90th Birthday

121102 WACT Exhibition in Chamber 1 (300x225)

Waimakariri Art Collection Trust Exhibition in Rangiora

121103 Oxford Fete 4 (300x225)

Oxford Garden Fete

121111 West Eyreton Garden Tour 2 (300x225)

West Eyreton School Garden Tour

121201 Maahunui II Opening, Tuahiwi Marae - Copy (216x300)

Opening of Maahunui II at Tuahiwi

121209 Oxford Gym Opening 1 (300x225)

Oening of Oxford Health & Fitness Centre

121209 Rangiora Christmas Parade 13 (300x225)

Rangiora Christms Parade

121216 Oxford Christmas Parade 1 (300x225)

Oxford Christmas Parade


Strengthening of Chamber Gallery (Former Rangiora Council Building) Proceeds

19 March 2012

You can see photos of the strengthening of the Chamber Gallery at:

This building was the office and chamber of the Rangiora Borough Council and is now part of the Library, housing an arts space (i.e. the Chamber Gallery) and the Citizens Advice Bureau.  A small meeting room displays World War I memorial boards.

Serious Repair Work on the Rangiora Library Started Today

16 February 2012

A lot of noise and a lot of dust …

Nearly Three Months On …

1 January 2011

I said I would keep this blog going.  This might have been a foolish promise, but my New Year’s resolution is … you’ve guessed it.

Obviously life has been busy, but since Christmas we have been able to get a bit of a breather.  Earthquake recovery has, of course dominated, and I’ll report on that in another post.  But also what has happened in the last three months has brought home the richness of community life in the Waimakariri District.

Richard and Dawn Spark and Phil and Jo Seal (Gulliver & Tyler Funeral Directors) have built a chapel at Rossburn Receptions that was opened in October by Hon Kate Wilkinson MP.

As well as funerals, the chapel will be used for weddings etc – in conjunction with the reception business the Sparks run.

On the same day, a concert was held to say to the people of Kaiapoi – hey! we’ve been hit by an earthquake but we can still have a good time.

One of the main organisers was Ben Brennan, newly-elected to the Kaiapoi Community Board.

Yes, a chain comes with the job!

The Rangiora A&P Show is always a highlight of the year and numbers weren’t too badly suppressed by the Earthquake Concert in Christchurch at the same time – although teenagers were noticeably absent in Rangiora.

The Kaiapoi Light Party, an annual event put on by local churches, drew a large crowd – especially of kids who were able to try everything out for free.

The Chamber Gallery in Rangiora staged an exhibition by Veronique Moginot who, although she is of French background, put on a show that had a strong Eastern Orthodox flavour.

This proved an ideal setting for Musica Balkanica who performed their Balkan repertoir in the Chamber Gallery in November.

Kaiapoi was the starting point for a group of peeny-farthings which headed for Oamaru via Oxford.  I presume they made it!

Both Kaiapoi and Rangiora High Schools had Road Crash days put on by the Police and Waimakariri Road Safety, with the help of many others, including the Kaiapoi and Rangiora Volunteer Fire Brigades, St Johns Ambulance and Gulliver and Tyler.

The Kaiapoi Christmas Parade seemed to be bigger than ever and drew large crowds – as did the preceding market in Williams Street. A sunny day with everyone in good spirits!

Congratulations to the Kaiapoi Promotion Association.

I’ve been to North Loburn School twice, for an Enviroschools day and for the inauguration  of active warning signs.  They get a lot of trucks going past the school from the Mount Grey forest and from the Whiterock quarry – and while the trucking companies and drivers are working well with the school, safety is always a concern. Pictured is the principal, Simon Green.

Cust is seeing if a market can work for their community – those in places like Oxford, Ohoka, Woodend and Kaiapoi are going well.

Like Kaiapoi, the Rangiora Christmas Parade had a great day.  Here is the crowd in Victoria Park afterwards.

Our Town Rangiora did well.

Oxford, on the other hand, struck a wet day for their Christmas Parade.  Here the the Union Parish take shelter waiting for it to start – fortunately the rain did stop for the parade itself and all went well.

The Oxford Lions again put on a good community day for Oxford.

It was good to have a temporary library open in Kaiapoi – and the Aquatic Centre too.

The launch of the book Our Soldiers at the Rangiora RSA helped further the growing ties between the Waimakariri District and Passchendaele in Belgium.

I’m with the the author Paul O’Connor, Belgian Consul Lieve Bierque and Bill Whitehead, President of the Rangiora RSA. (Photo from the Northern Outlook).

Josh Smith of Kaiapoi received a Young Totara leadership award from the Rotary Club of Rangiora for the leadership and responsibility he showed working in the welfare centre in Kaiapoi after the earthquake.

Rangiora High School Art Exhibition

27 August 2010
Work by Nikki Murray, Year12

The latest exhibition at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library is one of Design, Painting and Photography folios from 2009-10 by senior students.

Pop in and have a look.  It’s great to see all this burgeoning talent on display.

“Two Beans” Entertain at the Chamber Gallery

15 August 2010

“Two Beans” (Lynn Timpany – vocals – and Ana Pearson – piano)  entertained an appreciative crowd in the Chamber Gallery this afternoon.  They gave us a mixture of old standards and new versions (Highway No 1 instead of Route 66!)  in a style that is very easy on the ear.

A good way to spend part of a dismal afternoon.

Llew Summers Exhibition at the Chamber Gallery

25 July 2010

The Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library is featuring recent work by the well-known Christchurch sculptor, Llew Summers.

You can also see one of his larger works on the lawn outside the Library.

Summers’ work has often sparked controversy, but many have found his work both beautiful and challenging.

The exhibition runs until 12 August.

Two Exhibitions: Oxford and Rangiora Galleries

20 June 2010

The current exhibition at the Chamber Gallery at the Rangiora Library features work by Albert McCarthy and Irene Shroder.

Both have national reputations, especially Albert McCarthy.  While some might find his work challanging (an example is on the left), the influence of both his Maori and Pakeha cultural backgrounds is very apparent. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand.

You can find out more at .

Irene Mura Schroder has held exhibitions over the South Island since she returned to Invercargill after many years in Australia.

Exhibitions at the Chamber Gallery are organised by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council. 

Hannah Riden of Pines Beach is currently exhibiting at the Arts in Oxford Gallery.

The Gallery, newly opened, has proved to be outstandingly successful.  Oxford is becoming a popular destination (parking problems!) and the Gallery is contributing to this.  It’s in Main Street, almost next door to Seagar’s.

Great Concert

30 May 2010

We went to the (free!) concert at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library today.  Anna Maksymova, a young University of Canterbury student, played Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff to a full house.  What an emerging talent!

It was yet another example of the healthy cultural life of this District when locals can spend a grey Sunday afternoon treated to such fare.

Celia Wilson Exhibition at the Chamber Gallery

3 May 2010

Oxford’s Celia Wilson is the latest artist to be featured in the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library.

For the last few years she has been exploring the pigments to be found in the soils (and some of the plants) of Canterbury, including the road where she lives on the outskirts of Oxford.

As she says, … I have deliberately kept gesture and mark making to a minimum when applying the paint.  Then I have allowed the pigment, of its own accord, to diffuse and settle on the paper support.

The exhibition, organised by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council,  lasts until 2 June.

Cultural Variety

15 March 2010

A lot happens in the Waimakariri District!

On Saturday evening, Marilyn and I went to the Kaiapoi Cooperating Church to hear a triple-harp concert by Robin Ward. It was a most enjoyable recital and I left knowing a lot more about triple harps than did when I arrived! ( ).  Robin is based these days in the UK, but is the grandson of the late Margaret and Lloyd Cleland, both prominent in the parish and in Kaiapoi civic life in past decades.

Yesterday, we went to a poetry recital by Leonard Lambert, Rangi Faith and Roger Hickin, and featuring musical interludes by Julia Holcroft (piano) and Keeneth Love (‘cello), in the Chamber Gallery.  Rangi is a Rangiora local. Again, an enjoyable experience sponsored through the Waimakariri Community Arts Council.

China Theme at the Chamber Gallery

24 January 2010

Last year, Bruce McMillan, the Head of Art at Rangiora High School, took some time in China.  There he found a changing country (as do all visitors) but with continuing acknowledgement being made to the legacy of Mao Zedong.  He has attempted to put this paradox into a series of works now on display at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library.

This exhibition has been organised by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council.

John Key’s Left Leg

31 December 2009

….. is the title of a whimsical exhibition by Ashley Smith, currently running at the Chamber Gallery in Rangiora’s library.

Having Our Cake ...

Oxford Area School Exhibition at Chamber Gallery

4 August 2009

The latest exhibition at the Chamber Gallery at the Rangiora Library features recent work from senior students from Oxford Area School.  If you pop in, I think you will agree that the standard of the work is very high: a credit to the students and the Head of Art at Oxford, Brent Firkin.

0807 Oxford AS Art001       0807 Oxford AS Art002

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