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Ice Sculpture at Blackwells: #Kaiapoi Arts Week

23 July 2016

A good crowd watching amazing work on a warm nor’west day.

They’re Gone!

24 February 2016


The temporary shops are gone from #Rangiora. They’ve served High St businesses well but new buildings have made them unnecessary.

The roadway will get a temporary seal so that High and Durham Streets can reopen to 2-way traffic.

David Ayers, Mayor, Waimakariri

The Latest on Southbrook Road

28 June 2015


The latest on the work going on in Southbrook Road, including some likely dates for future completions, can be found at:

The photo above is not the new supermarket! – but it is a familiar sight.


Another New Building in Kaiapoi

14 March 2015


A new commercial building is arising on the corner of Williams and Charles Streets where the Post Office once was. A corner clock tower is incorporated in the design, a nod to past history. The Post Office originally had a clock tower but this was removed in the 1930s as a safety measure following the Napier earthquake.

Local Firm Celebrates Centenary

27 July 2014


Farmers Demolition to Start Soon – and Timetable for Rebuild Announced

4 June 2014

The following media statement was issued on behalf of Farmers today.


New Farmers store confirmed for Rangiora


Rangiora is getting its new Farmers department store.


Following a long drawn out insurance claim, settlement has been reached for the town’s earthquake damaged CBD building paving the way for a heads of agreement between Farmers and owners Mandeville Properties to develop a new store.


Demolition of the existing building is expected to begin shortly and the new Farmers is expected to open in early 2016.


Farmers chief financial officer Michael Power says demolition of the building will enable the council to remove the site fences.


“Business people in Rangiora will be delighted as this will bring some normality back to the CBD,” Mr Power says. “Mandeville Properties is a local business and it has worked extremely hard to retain a department store in the town.


“Now that the key aspects of the heads of agreement have been agreed we expect to begin construction in January next year. The plan is to have the new Farmers Rangiora store open for business about 12 months after that.”


Waimakariri District mayor David Ayers is delighted with the news.


“The rebuild and return of Farmers to its existing site is crucial to the revival of the central retail area and the council has been working with Mandeville Properties and Farmers to achieve that.


“Along with the strengthening of existing buildings and other new shops currently being designed, Rangiora is going to come back better than ever.  It is going to be exciting to watch the new Farmers and the specialty shops rise over the next 18 months or so.”


In February, Farmers and Mandeville Properties said they were in meaningful discussions with the insurers and a collaborative approach to managing the construction of a new store would be taken.


The current building suffered extensive damage in successive Canterbury earthquakes. The new store will cover approximately 5,900 square metres and will include up to five speciality shops.


Rangiora is the largest town in North Canterbury and has a population of around 16,000.


Issued for Farmers by Pead PR

Farmers Announces Plans for Return to Rangiora

5 February 2014

The following is from a media statement released by The Farmers today.

Rangiora’s Farmers department store, closed for nearly two years, will be rebuilt despite an unsettled insurance dispute.  

    The store’s lengthy closure has been blamed for the town centre’s slow recovery following the earthquakes.  

    However, in an announcement today Farmers chief financial officer Michael Power said the company and property owner Mandeville Properties were working together to build a new store on the same site.  

    The new store of approximately 5000 square metres would include up to five speciality shops.   

    The current building suffered extensive damage in the earthquakes and has been the subject of a protracted dispute between Mandeville Properties and ACE Insurance Ltd.   

    Power said Farmers would continue to facilitate discussions between the insurer and the owners on a settlement of the claim.  

    “We understand how difficult this has been for our customers and the wider business community. While the question of insurance has yet to be settled we want to get things moving again as quickly as possible for the benefit of everyone,” Power said.   

    He could not say when construction on the new store would begin.  

    “We’re hopeful of getting things started very soon but because the details are yet to be worked out I really can’t say when a new store will open.” 

Kaiapoi Railway Station & i-Site Now a “Landmark”

12 September 2013

130902 Kaiapoi Railway Station 2 (400x267)

The Kaiapoi Railway Station is now on its third site in its lifetime. Originally on the railway line (of course!) near where the Countdown now is, it was moved to its second site on top of the stopbank near the Tuhoe wharf. The September 2010 earthquake put it on a spectacular lean, so it is now temporarily not far away on Charles Street. With the District’s i-Site now back in residence, it is performing its previous function.

Last month the Prime Minister unveiled the District’s latest Landmarks plaque on it.130902 Kaiapoi Railway Station 7 (200x133)

Rangiora’s Soapbox Derby is Returning! – to Southbrook This Year

12 September 2013

Soap Box Derby Come to event Poster 2013 FINAL

Kaiapoi Farmers’ Market very Saturday morning, (plus others around the District!) – and the reopening of a roundabout!

31 July 2013

130727 Kaiapoi Street Party & Market 1 (400x300)The Kaiapoi Farmers’ Market happens every Saturday morning. Pop in for fresh stuff!

Last week it was part of a street party to celebrate the reopening of the roundabout on the Charles St / Williams St corner. Not a big deal you might have though, but it has actually been part of a very big job. This part of Kaiapoi was badly hit by liquefaction and lateral spread in the earthquakes and so it wasn’t just the road but all the sewers, water mains and stormwater that had to be fixed as well. Fortunately, there was vacant land around it that enabled the traffic to be diverted – but the work was still very disruptive and we appreciate the forbearance of businesses and residents during the construction period.

The photo on the right shows us gathering to do the reopening – all with the traffic flowing around. Jane Seddon and Neill Price of Kaiapoi Promotions did a great job organising the day. Kaiapoi felt good!130727 Kaiapoi Street Party & Market 5 (250x188)

And back to farmers’ markets – remember there are also those at Ohoka on Friday mornings and at Oxford on Sunday mornings.

A Business Association Going Well: Kaiapoi Promotions

19 June 2013

I went to the Kaiapoi Promotions Association AGM this evening.  The KPA is going well and is making its contribution to the positive feel in the town – which will be even better when it stops raining and we can get the Charles/ Williams corner finished!

Local Business Associations are very important in the District.  They are the voice of our business communities and speaking from a Council perspective, they really do assist us in our decision making. We need to hear the views of that part of our community.

Kaiapoi Public Meeting Supportive of Council Programme in Town Centre

8 May 2013

Monday’s public meeting in Kaiapoi was supportive of what the Council is doing in the town centre.  The work on the north side of the bridge (pictured below) is almost complete. Next will be the bridge itself, followed by the intersection on the south side.  The intention is to complete that by the time that the new part of Blackwell’s opens in September. Also discussed was the new library / service centre / museum which will go out to tender in a few months.130405 Work in Williams St Kaiapoi (400x267)

The New Blackwell’s is Well Under Way

29 March 2013

130320 Blackwell's Dept Store Under Construction (400x300)

The Blackwell’s Department Store rebuild is well under way, about to return to its prominent position overlooking both of Kaiapoi’s main axes, Williams Street and the Kaiapoi River.

Badly damaged in the September 2010 earthquake and unoccupied after that, it was demolished after the February 2011 aftershock, when it sustained more damage and was judged to be not repairable.

It has taken a long time to get to this stage, with the usual negotiations with insurers and a lot of work getting the engineering right.

The new building is designed by prominent Christchurch architects, Sheppard and Rout.

Kaiapoi people can’t wait!

080712 Blackwells' Kaiapoi (400x267)

The former building marked the northern entance to the central shopping area on Williams Street.

Hunnibell’s (now Capone’s) is a Waimakariri “Landmark”.

1 January 2013

121218 Capone's, Rangiora (640x480)


Capone’s Restaurant, which started life as Hunnibell’s Boot Shop in the early 1870s, is a well-known building in Rangiora – in fact it is the oldest commercial building in the High Street.

At various times (after a long time as a boot shop), it has been an accountant’s office, a beauty salon and a bike shop – and the rooms upstairs, where the Hunnibells once lived, were let as a flat for a time.

Apart from the brick chimney which goes up the middle, the building appears to have survived the earthquakes well.

The Landmarks programme recognises heritage buildings in the town centres of Rangiora and Kaiapoi. Buildings that are being considered have to be well maintained and research is done into their history before they are approved. As much information as possible is put on to the plaque, but further information is also put on the Council website at .

121203 Hunnibell's (Capone's) Landmarks Plaque 2 (640x480)

It’s a New Year and You Can See the Progress in Kaiapoi

31 December 2012

The new Blackwell’s store’s foundations are well under way. Meanwhile, on the other end of the bridge, the old shops that many have been asking to be get cleared away, finally have been. The Hansen’s Building across the road will follow121222 Blackwell's Under Reconstruction (800x600) in the New Year. A pity we have lost Chino’s, though.

Demolishing buildings is only a first step, of course, but it gets us down the road towards the redevelopment of sites into something that Kaiapoi can be proud of.

 121222 Old shops cleared away in Kaiapoi (800x600) 

And while nothing seems to be happening there, back across the river when that photo was taken, the town was busy with its pre-Christmas market.

121222 Kaiapoi Street Market 2(800x600)

Kaiapoi Christmas Saturday Market Day – on the 22nd

17 December 2012


North Canterbury Business Awards 2012

1 September 2012


Last night saw Enterprise North Canterbury’s Business Awards evening at the Mud House, Waipara.  It was a great night in a marquee and with catering from Continental.

The winners were:

Continental Exceptional Niche Marketing Winner: Mill Orchard Ltd.

Heller’s Exceptional New Emerging Business Winner: Vogue Kaiapoi Hair Spa

Hamner Springs Thermal Pool and Spa Tourism Business Winner: High Country Explorer Tours Ltd

Department of Labour Exceptional Employer Business Winner: Hurunui Recycling

Community College North Canterbury Exceptional Service Winner: Men at Work Ltd

Northern Outlook Exceptional Retail Winner: Paper Plus and Toyworld Rangiora

Westpac Exceptional Sustainable Business Winner: Community Colleges NZ Ltd

And the supreme winner was ….. Community Colleges NZ Ltd

Congratulations to the winners, but also to all the finalists … indeed, all who entered. North Canterbury Business deserves celebration and last night was a great night.

The gap (but not The Gap) comes to Rangiora

30 August 2012

It was good to see the containers coming out of the High Street yesterday. There is a long way to go, but I suppose it is progress of sorts.

Some of the retailers further east had a tough day yesterday because traffic, not even pedestrians, couldn’t get through as I found trying to get to my fortnightly interview with Compass 104.9FM.

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

24 August 2012

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

The rumour is that a big shopping development is going in the MainPower site.

Well, it could happen, but until MainPower put it on the market and someone buys it, no-one knows what will actually happen there.

For the record, the land is zoned Business 2 (like the southern part of Southbrook and Newnham Street). Shopping streets like central High Street, Rangiora, and the central part of Williams Street in Kaiapoi are zoned Business 1.

Rumours I Have Heard 3: A New Service Station Is Coming to Rangiora

23 August 2012

This has some substance. The fuel companies have been looking (now that there are only two in Rangiora – the Caltez and the Southbrook Z station) but nothing has come of it yet.

Foodstuffs, who are bringing Pak ‘n Save to Southbrook, have applied for resource consent for a fuel outlet there.

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