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Kids’ Fishing Competition in Kaiapoi

15 March 2015


About 160 kids and their families enjoying a lovely #Kaiapoi day. The Kaiapoi Club have been doing this for 33 years!

Another New Building in Kaiapoi

14 March 2015


A new commercial building is arising on the corner of Williams and Charles Streets where the Post Office once was. A corner clock tower is incorporated in the design, a nod to past history. The Post Office originally had a clock tower but this was removed in the 1930s as a safety measure following the Napier earthquake.

Oxford Future Farmers

12 March 2015

Check out @COMPASSFM104_9’s Tweet:

Another Earthquake Recovery Project Completed

6 March 2015


The Rangiora Town Hall is about to reopen. The hopeless pre-earthquake backstage and foyer facilities are no more and the building has been strengthened to over 67% of New Building Standard. There are now two boutique movie theatres and a performance space that will often be used for movies. The latter will seat 150, although for movies it will be 93.

The auditorium is the same size as before but has been refurbished.

Swannanoa Country Fair Pulls in the Crowds!

3 March 2015


A very warm summer’s day brought out the  crowds for the Swannanoa Country Fair today. This is the local school’s major fund-raiser and a lot of preparatory work is put on by the community, and more work on the day, to ensure its success.

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