Ashley Bridge Fully Open

The Ashley Bridge north of Rangiora is now open to all vehicles and with the normal speed limit of 80km/h.

Until the new bridge is built, the old one will have to be nursed. It is likely that it it will have to be closed more often, i.e. the river will not be as high as in the past before it has to be closed.

Hopefully this won’t happen too often, if at all. We have good reason to believe the new bridge will be open by the end of next year, 2014.


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5 Responses to “Ashley Bridge Fully Open”

  1. Bob Penter Says:

    I was lucky to get across it this morning on my way to catch a flight…before a txt message came through it was closed again. Let’s hope for favourable river conditions for many months to come.

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Bob. Yes, it’s going to be very difficult for those who need the bridge and meet deadlines. There’ll be a constant worry until the new bridge is finished.

  2. Scott Says:

    David, moving to the area in the near future. Good to see that funding has been approved for the construction of a new bridge over the Ashley. Do you know if the current bridge is going to remain open while they’re constructing the new one? (Aside from when they have to close it due to high water levels that is.) I notice that it’s closed again as of tonight. Good thing I’ve signed up for the text alert service!!

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Scott. Yes, it will remain open. The new one will be built just upstream of the current one. We hope to have it open by the end of next year. Regards David.

      • Scott Says:

        Thanks David, that’s good to know. If it was going to close it would have presented quite a problem for us (and many other people I’m sure).

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