Prime Minister Visits Kaiapoi – Gives and Receives Money! Kaiapoi Riverbank Project Gets a Major Boost.

The Prime Minister John Key, with local Waimakariri MP Kate Wilkinson and yours truly acting as hosts, visited Kaiapoi yesterday. On the still-sloping platform (earthquake!) near the Tuhoe, he was acknowledged for the grant of $2m from the Earthquake Appeal Trust for the Kaiapoi Riverbank Restoration project. Trust member Colin MacDonald, who is also the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs announced the grant.

It should be noted that a $200,00 grant has also been made to the Cure Boating Club towards the reconstruction of their clubrooms on the north bank, neaKaiapoi Riverr the new library.

The CEO of Sky Television, John Fellet, also announced the donation of $1m from Sky to the Trust to go towards sports recovery in Canterbury.

The Riverbank Project will include restoring the walkway, repairing the wharf and constructing a new boat ramp. The Waimakariri-Ashley Lifeboat building is, of course, not part of the Council’s work, but their new clubrooms will also feature.  It is great that they already have the funding arranged.

Kaiapoi’s history is tied up with the river.  It is the reason Kaiapoi is where it is. This major project is an important step in Kaiapoi’s recovery from the earthqukes.


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