“The Christchurch Fiasco” – a Book Worth Reading

Chch Fiasco


The Christchurch Fiasco is, as you can see by the picture of the cover, a book about the activities and performance of the insurance industry following the Canterbury earthquakes.

Written by Sarah Miles, a lawyer who lives (or was living, before her house fell to pieces!) in West Melton, it is a hard-hitting look at what many Cantabrians have been going through, especially those who have got badly-damaged homes.

She is also critical of the Government’s role.

While she doesn’t let EQC off the hook, she gives them better raps than than the insurance industry.

Her comments on local government are limited to Christchurch City Council, so Waimakariri (and Selwyn) readers might feel a bit left out, but what she says about insurance applies just as much to our District as to our friends south of the river.

My local bookshop sold out too quickly for me, but I got it on order from Rangiora PaperPlus and expect others who are interested could get a copy through the likes of Kaiapoi Take Note or Emma’s Bookshop in Oxford.

It was published by Dunmore Publishing late last year (2012), so is very up-t0-date.


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