Schools Announcements for Waimakariri – Nothing New

The Government’s announcements yesterday added nothing to what is already known for Waimakariri.

Kaiapoi Borough School can remain on its current site. The future of the school was not in question, but there was a question over the land, given its close proximity to the Kaiapoi River. The land isn’t great, especially close to the river, but there is room to rebuild further away on the same site if necessary. All this is good news, because another site in Kaiapoi isn’t obvious.

Waikuku School will move to Pegasus and presumably change its name accordingly. This has been on the agenda for something like 15 years – it was just a question of when Pegasus had grown to a point that would justify the move. The Waikuku School community is pleased because their current site on the Main North Road (State Highway 1) is not great. Building of the new school should start soon.

The Government has also signalled that a new school will be built in western Rangiora at some time in the near future. Again, there has been talk about primary school provision in Rangiora for close to ten years, but clearly Rangiora’s current growth spurt has concentrated minds in the Ministry of Education!  Council structure plans for west Rangiora already have a suggested site for  a school, but this is more conceptual thn real, so no actual site has been chosen.



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