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The Changing Face of Rangiora – Pulley Building Under Demolition

28 February 2013

The Pulley Building was being demolished today.  I’m quite sad about that, because I thought it one of the more attractive old buildings in the town – and I used to go to the dentist in there.

Robbies (the former Junction Hotel) is next door, of course, and it may be that fences will still have to stay in front of the Pulley site because of the danger from Robbies.

130228 Pulley Building Being Demolished

Rangiora Photographic Exhibition Coming at Easter – in Waikuku!

28 February 2013


Building Consents at Highest Level Ever in Waimakariri

28 February 2013

These graphs speak for themselves.


The 3rd Flaxwood Festival Another Wonderful Day

25 February 2013

130224 Flaxwood Festival 10 (400x267)

The third Flaxwood Festival (it’s starting to look like a tradition) charity concert in Flaxton was a great success. A large crowd sat in the sun and listened to the music.

Charities to benefit included St John and the Woolston Brass Band (who also played). I live the way the Woolston Brass turn themselves into a jazz Big band for these occasions.

I’m not a knowledgeable follower of country music, but I really like the style of the Aussie country-rockers, the Wolverines, back for the second year in a row.

The highlight of the day, to me, is at the end when all the performers get in the stage and jam.

Carolyn Schuitman has a wonderful venue and it is a credit to her for making the venue available and to her and her helpers, including Johnny Campbell and Adrienne Lady Stewart, for the event.

Relay for Life Coming to Rangiora 23 March – Support the Cancer Society!

23 February 2013

Relay for Life

22 February

23 February 2013

Our community in this part of Canterbury has gone through a lot since 4 September 2010, and for many it is by no means over.  Many are suffering and there is a lot to be done.

But 22 February is about those who died in Christchurch on that day in 2011.  One of our sons was in the central city that day. As my wife, Marilyn, sometimes says, “At least our son came home that day”.  It helps put things in some perspective, because 185 sons and daughters, husbands and wives, did not come home.

Alison Erickson and Sam Mahon Exhibition at Chamber Gallery, Rangiora

21 February 2013
130217 Sam Mahon - Southern Man (300x400)

Sam Mahon – Southern Man

The latest exhibition at the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library is “Endangered Species”, sculptures by Alison Erickson and drawings and scultures by Sam Mahon.

Exhibitions at the Chamber Gallery are organised by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council.

Waitangi Day in Kaiapoi – On the Rack for Trumped Up Charges

21 February 2013

IMG_1866 (800x600)

Approval of Woodend Eastern Bypass Gives Some Certainty for Woodend and Pegasus

19 February 2013

The approval by the NZ Transport Agency of an eastern bypass brings to an end many years of uncertainty for the Woodend and, more cecently, Pegasus communities.

The shifting of State Highway 1 traffic out of the centre of Woodend, while it is still at least 15 years off, will mean that that the town will no longer be split by heavy traffic, including a lot of trucks, through the middle of the town.

When it happens, the result will be an extension of the Christchurch Northern Motorway north to the Pegasus entrance.

There is still a process to go through with the Council. The designation (which enables NZTA to start buying the needed land) has to be inserted into the District Plan. This isa public process and the ublic have the right to make submissions, which, of course, have to be considered.

Woodend Bypass Image

Map of Proposed Woodend Bypass [NZTA]

“The Christchurch Fiasco” – a Book Worth Reading

19 February 2013

Chch Fiasco


The Christchurch Fiasco is, as you can see by the picture of the cover, a book about the activities and performance of the insurance industry following the Canterbury earthquakes.

Written by Sarah Miles, a lawyer who lives (or was living, before her house fell to pieces!) in West Melton, it is a hard-hitting look at what many Cantabrians have been going through, especially those who have got badly-damaged homes.

She is also critical of the Government’s role.

While she doesn’t let EQC off the hook, she gives them better raps than than the insurance industry.

Her comments on local government are limited to Christchurch City Council, so Waimakariri (and Selwyn) readers might feel a bit left out, but what she says about insurance applies just as much to our District as to our friends south of the river.

My local bookshop sold out too quickly for me, but I got it on order from Rangiora PaperPlus and expect others who are interested could get a copy through the likes of Kaiapoi Take Note or Emma’s Bookshop in Oxford.

It was published by Dunmore Publishing late last year (2012), so is very up-t0-date.

Schools Announcements for Waimakariri – Nothing New

19 February 2013

The Government’s announcements yesterday added nothing to what is already known for Waimakariri.

Kaiapoi Borough School can remain on its current site. The future of the school was not in question, but there was a question over the land, given its close proximity to the Kaiapoi River. The land isn’t great, especially close to the river, but there is room to rebuild further away on the same site if necessary. All this is good news, because another site in Kaiapoi isn’t obvious.

Waikuku School will move to Pegasus and presumably change its name accordingly. This has been on the agenda for something like 15 years – it was just a question of when Pegasus had grown to a point that would justify the move. The Waikuku School community is pleased because their current site on the Main North Road (State Highway 1) is not great. Building of the new school should start soon.

The Government has also signalled that a new school will be built in western Rangiora at some time in the near future. Again, there has been talk about primary school provision in Rangiora for close to ten years, but clearly Rangiora’s current growth spurt has concentrated minds in the Ministry of Education!  Council structure plans for west Rangiora already have a suggested site for  a school, but this is more conceptual thn real, so no actual site has been chosen.


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