Demolition of Saddlery Building Under Way in Rangiora

130104 Clark's Saddlery Being Demolished (640x480)The building that housed a saddlery for many years, as well Albany’s in more recent times (and John Blumsky’s bookshop for a while!), is currently being stripped out in preparation for final demolition.

I guess that’s progress, although in many ways real progress will occur when a new building starts to go up.

With the neighbouring former Northern Outlook building and two others a bit further east already down, the opportunities for an integrated approach to Rangiora’s rebuild are becoming even more apparent.

Let’s hope it can happen – but there is only so much that the Council can do.


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One Response to “Demolition of Saddlery Building Under Way in Rangiora”

  1. Sally Says:

    I haven’t been living in Rangiora for very long but yesterday during my lunch break I walked up the main street and I certainly noticed the changes happening, particularly around this building. It’s pleasing to see progress, even if it does seem glacial at times.

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