It’s a New Year and You Can See the Progress in Kaiapoi

The new Blackwell’s store’s foundations are well under way. Meanwhile, on the other end of the bridge, the old shops that many have been asking to be get cleared away, finally have been. The Hansen’s Building across the road will follow121222 Blackwell's Under Reconstruction (800x600) in the New Year. A pity we have lost Chino’s, though.

Demolishing buildings is only a first step, of course, but it gets us down the road towards the redevelopment of sites into something that Kaiapoi can be proud of.

 121222 Old shops cleared away in Kaiapoi (800x600) 

And while nothing seems to be happening there, back across the river when that photo was taken, the town was busy with its pre-Christmas market.

121222 Kaiapoi Street Market 2(800x600)


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One Response to “It’s a New Year and You Can See the Progress in Kaiapoi”

  1. Jane Seddon Says:

    Happy New Year David and to all your followers! We had a great Christmas Market Day on the 22nd December. I must have been in talking to one of the retailers when you where visiting David, or maybe it was when I had my photo taken with Santa! I am looking forward to all the new redevelopment here in Kaiapoi in 2013 and we have Waitangi Day celebrations soon as well; plenty to look forward to!

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