Kaiapoi Red-Zoned Pensioner Flats: New Site Purchased by Waimakariri Council – but still no Govt offer for the land

Amongst the red-zoned properties between Hilton Street and Raven Quay east of the town centre are Council-owned housing-for-the-elderly flats.  The challenge has been to find available land that provides ready access to the shops and services of the town centre.

We have managed to do that.

The Council has settled the purchase of land in Kaiapoi for the pensioner units required to replace those in the red Zone. About 6000 sq m of land has been bought between Williams Street and Hills Street near Ohoka Road.  There is a local dairy next door, the buses go past on Williams Street and it is close to the other shops – not over the road from Countdown like the current flats, but still not too far!

Preliminary work on the plans for the site are under way and we expect that 24 units will be built on the site. This will be an important community project in the coming year.

Unlike other red-zoned landlords, the Council has still not received a Government offer for the red-zoned land. The cost of the new flats therefore rests, currently, with insurance and the Waimakariri ratepayers. We are still hopeful that CERA will treat the ratepayers like all other red-zoned property owners.


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