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It’s a New Year and You Can See the Progress in Kaiapoi

31 December 2012

The new Blackwell’s store’s foundations are well under way. Meanwhile, on the other end of the bridge, the old shops that many have been asking to be get cleared away, finally have been. The Hansen’s Building across the road will follow121222 Blackwell's Under Reconstruction (800x600) in the New Year. A pity we have lost Chino’s, though.

Demolishing buildings is only a first step, of course, but it gets us down the road towards the redevelopment of sites into something that Kaiapoi can be proud of.

 121222 Old shops cleared away in Kaiapoi (800x600) 

And while nothing seems to be happening there, back across the river when that photo was taken, the town was busy with its pre-Christmas market.

121222 Kaiapoi Street Market 2(800x600)

Kaiapoi Community – and the wider Waimakariri – Share at Christmas

30 December 2012

121225 Kaiapoi Community Christmas Dinner(1024x683)

This year’s community Christmas dinner, organised mainly by Kaiapoi Community Support and local Waimakariri churches, was a great opportunity for people to get together, share their Christmas and perhaps make new friends. While it was held as usual at the Kaiapoi Rugby Club (thanks to them for the venue!), there were people there from the wider District. Once again the strength of the our commuity shone through, so comgratulations to Sahera Laing, Nelson Ching and all the other volunteers who helped to make this happen.

Sharon Earl Exhibition in Rangiora – Catch it!

25 December 2012

When the Chamber Gallery in the Rangiora Library 121204 Sharon Earl Exhibition, Chamber Gallery 1 (600x800)opens after Christmas, catch the Sharon Earl exhibition there.

Sharon works with a welding torch in her hand and does some amazing work.  She tweets as @weldagirl so you get the idea!

You might have seen the moa sculpture in Waikari, near her Hawarden home. That’s her work!

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!

25 December 2012


Kaiapoi Red-Zoned Pensioner Flats: New Site Purchased by Waimakariri Council – but still no Govt offer for the land

21 December 2012

Amongst the red-zoned properties between Hilton Street and Raven Quay east of the town centre are Council-owned housing-for-the-elderly flats.  The challenge has been to find available land that provides ready access to the shops and services of the town centre.

We have managed to do that.

The Council has settled the purchase of land in Kaiapoi for the pensioner units required to replace those in the red Zone. About 6000 sq m of land has been bought between Williams Street and Hills Street near Ohoka Road.  There is a local dairy next door, the buses go past on Williams Street and it is close to the other shops – not over the road from Countdown like the current flats, but still not too far!

Preliminary work on the plans for the site are under way and we expect that 24 units will be built on the site. This will be an important community project in the coming year.

Unlike other red-zoned landlords, the Council has still not received a Government offer for the red-zoned land. The cost of the new flats therefore rests, currently, with insurance and the Waimakariri ratepayers. We are still hopeful that CERA will treat the ratepayers like all other red-zoned property owners.

Northern Outlook Building in Rangiora Demolished

19 December 2012

Another gap is created in Rangiora as the Northern Outlook building comes down this morning – and it happened horrifyingly quickly.

Demolition isn’t much progress, but at least its a start in the right direction towards getting the Town Centre back on its feet again.

121219 Demolition of Northern Outlook Building Rangiora A

Christmas Tree Festival in the Council Foyer, Rangiora, will be there until Wednesday

17 December 2012


Well done to Mary Gerard and her team of helpers for this contribution to the Christmas spirit – in a year when we all need it.

Kaiapoi Christmas Saturday Market Day – on the 22nd

17 December 2012


Oxford and Rangiora No Longer Have Chlorine in Their Water

17 December 2012
The Chlorine meter in Rangiora shows zero.

The Chlorine meter in Rangiora shows zero.

The new water schemes in Oxford and Rangiora no longer have chlorination.  After comsulting with the communities, it was with a lot of pleasure that I personally turned Rangiora’s off!

A few weeks later the Rangiora scheme was officially opened (Oxford’s was opened in 2010).


The pumps at the Pentecost Road, Rangiora, headworks.

Lots Happening in Waimakariri – a Community in Good Heart!

17 December 2012
121031 Kaiapoi Light Party 3 (300x225)

Kaiapoi Light Party

121026 Tree Planting at RHS (300x225)

Tree Planting at Rangiora High

121027 Plunket Stalls in Victoria Park (300x225)

Plunket Stalls in Rangiora

121028 Morris Dancers at Ashley School Fete 1 (300x225)

Morris Dancers at Ashley School Fete

121028 Sovereign Palms Family Fun Day (300x225)

Sovereign Palms Family Fun Day, Kaiapoi

121030 Historic Rangiora pictures 1 (300x200)

Murals on Rangiora “Pop-Up” Shops

121101 Kaiapoi HS Opening of Library Space 1 (300x225)

Opening of Kaiapoi High’s Library Space

121030 W-A Lifeboat 3 (300x200)

Driving Waimakariri-Ashley Lifeboat, near Kairaki

121101 Kaiapoi HS Road Crash (300x225) (300x225)

Road Crash Day at Kaiapoi High

121102 Kaiapoi Garden Club 90th 2 (300x225)

Kaiapoi Garden Club’s 90th Birthday

121102 WACT Exhibition in Chamber 1 (300x225)

Waimakariri Art Collection Trust Exhibition in Rangiora

121103 Oxford Fete 4 (300x225)

Oxford Garden Fete

121111 West Eyreton Garden Tour 2 (300x225)

West Eyreton School Garden Tour

121201 Maahunui II Opening, Tuahiwi Marae - Copy (216x300)

Opening of Maahunui II at Tuahiwi

121209 Oxford Gym Opening 1 (300x225)

Oening of Oxford Health & Fitness Centre

121209 Rangiora Christmas Parade 13 (300x225)

Rangiora Christms Parade

121216 Oxford Christmas Parade 1 (300x225)

Oxford Christmas Parade


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