The New Ashley River-Rakahuri Regional Park is Great!

Congratulations to ECan and their staff for inaugurating the new Ashley River-Rakahuri Regional Park.

It is early days, but there is now a new mountain-bike track, beyond the Mike Keen Walkway established some years ago by the Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group. The best place to start them both is over the stopbank from the Ashley Picnic Area in Millton Avenue, Rangiora.

The photo shows the first group of “official” cyclists leaving after ECan Commissioner Rex Williams had cut the ribbon.

I have to confess that the picture of me with a bike in today’s Northern Outlook was a bit of a pose – it’s been a couple of years since I actually got on one!


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2 Responses to “The New Ashley River-Rakahuri Regional Park is Great!”

  1. Rewi Thompson Says:

    This is a really good ride. Thanks to all who did the work making the track
    Perhaps the best place to start is at No1 groyne then ride the 5.5 Km track (including the MTB loops which are a little more difficult but good fun) then on to Waikuku and perhaps then on to Woodend Beach via the Tuhaitara track.

    This track cannot have cost too much? Has any thought been given to developing a track similar to this one alongside Lineside road but on the western side of the railway. This would give a cycle ride all the way to Kaiapoi! No need to spend a lot of money – just a metre wide track would be enough? I am sure there would be heaps of volunteers to help make this a possibility

    David – If you want to start cycling again and it is great fun, just get in touch with Pushbikes in the Gables arcade. They will fit you up with a bike – no problem. Bikes these days are a lot better than we had years ago

    • David Ayers Says:

      Thanks Rewi. Yes, I should get back on a bike. A 2013 New Year’s Resolution perhaps? It should be easy for me to get a bike from PushBikes as the firm is owned by one of my relatives – I am at least following them on Twitter!
      I think ECan see this regional Park as a work in progress and hopefully there will be more to come. There are also possibilities of linking with the Waimakariri Park via the Tuhaitara Trust lands along the coast.
      Yes, the Lineside road track has been thought of and often talked about. The two main barriers are the fact that at the Kaiapoi end the land is in private ownership and the near-impossibility of getting NZTA subsidy for cycling and pedestrian projects at the moment (like a clip-on for the old Waimakariri bridge). One idea that has been suggested, and which we would like to get subsidy for, is to run a cycle-way from Kaiapoi along the stop-bank as far as Mulcocks Road (i.e. under the railway and across Skewbridge Road) and then NE up Mulcocks Road to Paisley Road (which is the road you talk about across the railway line from Lineside Road) – and then on to Rangiora.

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