The Ashley Bridge (Cones Road, Rangiora): the Good News and the Maybe Bad News


The Ashley Bridge is 100 years old this year: it was opened by the Governor on the same day as he visited the Rangiora Show.

The photo above shows it under construction, but now, as most of us believe, it has passed its use-by date.  It is too narrow and there is scouring occurring under the piles.

The Waimakariri Council has budgeted for its replacement over the next 2-3 years, with the first year being for design work.  But doing it depends on obtaining NZ Transport Agency (i.e. Government) subsidy, which would be 60% of the cost.

NZTA has approved subsidy for the design work.  That’s the Good News, so that will go ahead over the coming year.

They haven’t, however, promised to fund the building of the bridge.  That will depend on the cost that emerges from the design work, the availability of money and government priorities. St that’s Not Particularly Good News.  We, the community, had wanted greater surety than that.  It’s not a “no”, but it’s not a “yes” either.

But at least we are going to get a start.


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2 Responses to “The Ashley Bridge (Cones Road, Rangiora): the Good News and the Maybe Bad News”

  1. Andrew Mitchell Says:

    A big start would be banning HV transport to and from the wallboard plant. This will alleviate the Cones Road (Ashley River) bridge, increasing volumes on the SH 1 Ashley River bridge, promoting future NZTA in that option too.

    • David Ayers Says:

      We probably can’t specify a particular firm or industry to ban, but I like the devious thinking!

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