TC3 Meeting in Kaiapoi – lots of good questions, lots of info.

There are two TC3 areas in Kaiapoi:

  • Between Beach Road and the east Kaiapoi Red Zone.
  • Both sides of the railway line in Hilton and Fuller Streets, west of Peraki Street and the town centre.

It is important to realise that “TC3” does not mean that land is necessarily badly damaged. What it means is that a property is in an area that requires a more thorough investigation before a decision can be made on what kind of foundation is needed.

Last night, a large crowd in the Kaiapoi North School hall heard presentations from Roger Sutton, EQC, insurers, the Waimakariri District Council, the Dept of Building & Housing and Tonkin & Taylor.

While it is clear that many are tired of waiting, and having their frustrations with EQC and the insurance companies – readily acknowledged by those on the stage – the overall mood was one of wanting to find out what was going on. It probably helped that EQC’s investigatory land drilling has just started in Kaiapoi.

However, assessing the land is only one step in the journey. There are still the EQC/insurance issues, foundation solutions and a number of other matters facing homewowners.  It is taking time and some, for a range of personal reasons, need to move faster.


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