Water is Basic

The problems we have been having with contamination in the Mandeville water supply just brings home how important good water supplies are.

They come, however, at a cost. Oxford and Rangiora ratepayers have had to bear sharp increases in rates to pay for new supplies that now, unlike their previous supplies, meet national drinking water standards.  These are high standards, and it is one thing for a relatively large community like Rangiora to meet those standards, quite another for more rural councils with much smaller communities.

Most water supplies around the world are chlorinated to add to their safety. In our part of Canterbury, however, neither the Kaiapoi nor Christchurch are chlorinated because their sources are judged to be relatively risk-free.

Rangiora and Oxford residents are soon to be asked if they want chlorination to remain in their water supplies. Rangiora’s water now comes from Kaiapoi from wells beside the motorway and Oxford has a new well to the south of the town.

There are good arguments on both sides of the chlorination issue.  It will be interesting to see what the two communities say.


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2 Responses to “Water is Basic”

  1. amanda friel Says:

    strangely, since the water supply changed I have had lime scale build up in my kettle every 6mnths very thickly and also on my windows which has never happened before in all the years we had water from the previous supply ..it also tastes terrible prompting us to buy a fridge with a filter water supply.
    ( the water tasted better prior to the water being plumbed in from kaiapoi)
    The water appears to be very hard now , I thought this must have been a temporary blip due to the earthquakes and possibly chemicals having to be added while we were having water probs over that time….will this change ?

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Amanda

      Thanks for these comments because we have had a few similar. I’ll pass on them on to staff, asking them to email you and find out where you live. It is possible your problems are localised.

      For myself, I find the taste better (there is actually less chlorination now than there used to be) and, because we have a brand new jug, it will be a good opportunity to keep an eye on the scaling.


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