Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre Repair Starts Next Week

Repair of the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is due to start next week.  It suffered damage in the September earthquake, was opened again in December 2010, then had to be closed again because of damage to the roof structure in the February 2011 quake.

I think I have had more questions about the pool from Kaiapoi than just about anything else. People also care about the library, but at least there has been a temporary library operating.

Getting started has required quite  a few ducks to be lined up.  The existing roof’s weaknesses had to be identified and then new designs had to be done – it wasn’t enough to simply repair what was there. Funding from the Earthquake Appeal Fund had to be obtained, and Prime Minister John Key recently come to Kaiapoi to announce it. And (surprise! surprise!) there were negotiations to be undertaken with the insurance company.

The temporary pool at the Kaiapoi Rugby Club will be operating again this summer.  It’s not really big enough for recreational swimming, but has been a great help for the learn-to-swim programmes for the Kaiapoi primary schools – and for the odd school from beyond Kaiapoi.

In repairing the pool, the opportunity will be taken to improve the entrance way and the changing rooms. Women have been complaining that their existing changing rooms were too small so we need to do something about that.


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