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Earthquake Service Awards Made in Waimakariri

30 August 2012

On Wednesday night at the Kaiapoi Rugby Club, a further 43 groups and individuals were awarded service certificates by the Waimakariri community for all that they had done, both within the Waimakariri District (especially Kaiapoi and Pines-Kairaki) and in Christchurch after the February quake.

This followed a similar number of awards a couple of months ago. They ranged from people who had supported the elderly to people who had acted as community advocates to others who had helped at the CTV building from Day One. Many are still working actively in the recovery phase that we all know has a long way to go.

The Waimakariri community is indebted to them.

At both times, public nominations were invited, but if anybody thinks people have been missed, please let us know.

Remember This?

The gap (but not The Gap) comes to Rangiora

30 August 2012

It was good to see the containers coming out of the High Street yesterday. There is a long way to go, but I suppose it is progress of sorts.

Some of the retailers further east had a tough day yesterday because traffic, not even pedestrians, couldn’t get through as I found trying to get to my fortnightly interview with Compass 104.9FM.

Rumours I Have Heard 4: the Council is Going to Close the Kairaki Motor Camp

28 August 2012

Not true.

A geotechnical report has just come in from Tonkin and Taylor which says that the higher ground at the Kairaki Motor Camp is able to be developed.  The Council’s Earthquake Recovery Committee tonight decided to reconvene a working party to look at what needs to be done there.

St Patrick’s Kaiapoi Sets Up a Radio Station: St Pats Attack 106.7FM

27 August 2012

The students at St Patrick’s have set up their own radio station. Not only have they helped put the technical stuff together, they have gone out and got sponsorship and advertising from the local comunity and helped set up the room. They’re doing the programming too, of course.

The station plays in the middle of the day and has a range of about 6km.  It should be able to be heard all over Kaiapoi, so tune in and hear what some of our community’s talented kids are doing!

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre Repair Starts Next Week

27 August 2012

Repair of the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is due to start next week.  It suffered damage in the September earthquake, was opened again in December 2010, then had to be closed again because of damage to the roof structure in the February 2011 quake.

I think I have had more questions about the pool from Kaiapoi than just about anything else. People also care about the library, but at least there has been a temporary library operating.

Getting started has required quite  a few ducks to be lined up.  The existing roof’s weaknesses had to be identified and then new designs had to be done – it wasn’t enough to simply repair what was there. Funding from the Earthquake Appeal Fund had to be obtained, and Prime Minister John Key recently come to Kaiapoi to announce it. And (surprise! surprise!) there were negotiations to be undertaken with the insurance company.

The temporary pool at the Kaiapoi Rugby Club will be operating again this summer.  It’s not really big enough for recreational swimming, but has been a great help for the learn-to-swim programmes for the Kaiapoi primary schools – and for the odd school from beyond Kaiapoi.

In repairing the pool, the opportunity will be taken to improve the entrance way and the changing rooms. Women have been complaining that their existing changing rooms were too small so we need to do something about that.

Rubble Rousers Hit Charles Street, Kaiapoi

27 August 2012

The Kaiapoi Rubble Rousers have been hard at work again.

Last Saturday they did some more work at the site of the former Riverside Church in Charles Street (before that it was the Rialto Movie Theatre).

Later in the day, they added a neat little picket fence to the “garden” on the Little Rooster site in Williams Street.

Kaiapoi people looking after the town they love.

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

24 August 2012

Rumours I Have Heard 2: The MainPower Site

The rumour is that a big shopping development is going in the MainPower site.

Well, it could happen, but until MainPower put it on the market and someone buys it, no-one knows what will actually happen there.

For the record, the land is zoned Business 2 (like the southern part of Southbrook and Newnham Street). Shopping streets like central High Street, Rangiora, and the central part of Williams Street in Kaiapoi are zoned Business 1.

Filling the Gaps: “Rubble Rousers” in Kaiapoi – and watch out Rangiora!

23 August 2012

Rubble Rousers are the group who are filling some of the gaps in Kaiapoi. Above is the former Little Rooster site in Williams Street – although unfortunately the back wall is going because the new library is going in the area behind there. The flowers were done by Mark Larsen and young people organised by the R13 Trust.  Guys from the Men’s Shed spread the bark. One of the most cheerful little pieces of ground in our District!

They are also working on the Riverside Church/Rialto Theatre site in Charles Street and have targeted other spaces as well.

In Rangiora, the Rangiora Community Board is working to decorate the fences and has involved a number of community groups. Watch out for their work!

Rumours I Have Heard 3: A New Service Station Is Coming to Rangiora

23 August 2012

This has some substance. The fuel companies have been looking (now that there are only two in Rangiora – the Caltez and the Southbrook Z station) but nothing has come of it yet.

Foodstuffs, who are bringing Pak ‘n Save to Southbrook, have applied for resource consent for a fuel outlet there.

New Kaiapoi BMX Track Comes One Step Closer

21 August 2012

The Kaiapoi BMX track was destroyed by the September quake.  Deep inside the Red Zone, the dropping of the land has meant that it has had to be found a new home.

This afternoon, the Council’s Community and Recreation Committee, following on from the Kaiapoi Community Board’s approval last evening, agreed to the BMX CLub moving to Rinaldi Reserve at Pines Beach.  This is subject to resource consent being obtained.

While the Council is officially responsible for the Resource Consent, this afternoon’s decision, plus the fact that the Reserve is Council-controlled, means that the Consent hearing will before an independent commisisoner.

The Kaiapoi Library & Museum Replacement Has Started

20 August 2012

The demolition of the “old” Kaiapoi Library is now well under way.  It has been closed since the 4 September quake and is being replaced so that it can meet the future needs of that part of the our District. The library was getting cramped and had been badly damaged.

The new library will incorporate the Museum, which had to be demolished immediately after the September quake. A former court house (of similar design and age to the Rangiora court house), it was left barely standing by the earthquake.  The Council owned the building and the Kaiapoi District Historical Society the collection.

The Council also owns the Oxford and Cust Museum buildings, but not the Rangiora one (although it is on Council land).

As well as in Kaiapoi, there are, of course, libraries in Rangiora and Oxford.  The Kaiapoi Library is currently operating out of temporary quarters in the Kaiapoi Swim Club building, next to the Aquatic Centre.

Text Alerts on Bridge Closures – Ashley and Old Waimakariri

20 August 2012

If you would like to be on the list to receive text alerts about bridge closures and re-openings, email your name and cellphone number to Please put ‘Bridge Closure Text Alerts’ as the subject of your email.

Note: The text alerts are for both the Ashley and Old Waimakariri Bridges. There isn’t an option to just receive alerts for just one of the bridges.

“Girls’ Night”. Sorry Folks – it’s Sold Out!

20 August 2012


   Obviously the word got around, and the show is now sold out.

   Well done to the Rangiora Players!

Update: Ashley Bridge (Cones Rd – Rangiora & Loburn / Ashley)

19 August 2012

We should know early next month whether we will get the Government subsidy for a new bridge. If we get it, the subsidy will be about 60% of the total cost of $10 million plus.

The Council has budgeted for its share of design work in 2012-13, with building starting 2013-14.

Want a Good Night Out? Go to Girls’ Night!

18 August 2012

It’s on at the Rangiora Players’ Little Theatre in Northbrook Road.

It’s a real laugh, with a bit of sadness too – and it’s well acted and a great all-round production.  Congratulations to Ang Reeves and the rest of her team.

Te Whai Ao at the Chamber Gallery – which is open again!

18 August 2012

The Chamber Gallery at the Rangiora Library is open again after extensive earthquake repairs to the building (which is a former Rangiora Borough Council Building). The North Canterbury Citizens’ Advice Bureau are also back in.

The first exhibition is called Te Whai Ao which in its own way acknowledges the importance of the  manaakitanga (support) and whanaungatanga (relationships) that have been so important in our District since 4 September 2010.

The artist who did a lot to bring this group exhibition together, along with Waimakariri Community Arts Council Chair Brian Hoult, was Areta Wilkinson, wh0 lives in Oxford.











The Days of the Containers Are Numbered!

18 August 2012


The two buildings behind the containers are just about down. That means the containers can go too.

A lot have complained about the containers, but we should remember that before the containers arrived we had fences just about meeting in the middle of the road and cars couldn’t get through. The retailers further east towards Victoria Street welcomed their arrival because no traffic was coming past their shops.

Certainly, a lot of people feel intimidated by the height of the containers. With the bottom two filled with concrete, they are actually a lot safer than the shops behind: a strong quake near to Rangiora could have had people being killed.

However, this is only the first step.  There is still a lot to be done.

Rumours I Have Heard 1: The Farmers

18 August 2012

The other day my wife overheard someone in a shop saying that the Council and The Farmers were in dispute over the building.

Where do people get this stuff from?

There’s no dispute and never has been. We as much as anybody else would like to know what the future of the building is – but at the moment it is in the hands of The Farmers (who are actually the tenants) and their insurance company.

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