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Inara Herdman Appeal – a Very Worthwhile Cause

20 July 2012

You may have read about a little girl called Inara Herdman in the North Canterbury News.

Inara was born two years ago with a range of severe congenital defects which, currently, necessitate her being fed through a tube into her stomach for 9 hours a day while a machine follows her around.  She has never eaten in the normal way and this has meant she does not get all the nutrients she needs to grow.  For all that, she is a bright little girl.

She does not know how to eat, but there is a strong chance that she can be taught at a clinic in Austria which has a 96% success-rate. The costs are high.  To get her, her mother and her gear to the clinic, along with the cost of treatment, is likely to cost up to $50,000. They are appealing for help from the North Canterbury community.

Hers is not a wealthy family and there is no Government help available.

There are two things you can do immediately.

  1. Send a donation to the Inara      Herdman Appeal Account at Westpac Rangiora – 03 0674 0449488 00.
  2. Buy a ticket for a fundraising      dinner next Wednesday, 25 July.  Tickets cost $40.00 per head and they would like numbers for catering by today if possible.

Full details about Inara can be found on her Facebook page: go to and search Inara Herdman – I deserve to Eat.

I commend this cause to you.

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