Unusual Building Emerges in Southbrook

One of these buildings is a church!

Actually, as most locals know, it is the one on the left that is St Mary’s Anglican Church.  It is still used by a small group of parishioners, even although the building is no longer owned by the Anglican Church.

The new one on the right is part of the new Rangiora Mazda complex, owned by Hanish Hide.  He has decided to keep the church on his property and work his new workshop and administration area around it.  Good on him!

Rangiora Mazda has to move from across the road because that site is now owned by Foodstuffs and will be the site of a Pak n Save supermarket.


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One Response to “Unusual Building Emerges in Southbrook”

  1. Hugh Mould Says:

    Shesh David you had to let the cat out of the bag- and here were all these people thinking the Anglican church was exspanding the building on the site…

    Hamish Hide is a very good local busisness man

    Origionally the church sold the building and land to be used by a funeral director during the week- and chaple on Sundays

    Hamish bought the directors out and has been very good to the congrigation; who are currently meeting in the Anglican church at Fernside

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