One Step Forward, Two Steps Back in Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centres

The extent of strengthening work in the new ASB Bank building (formerly Gibsons’ appliances) was revealed a bit today.  Major corporates do want to come to North Canterbury and the photo shows that at least some of our buildings, while needing work, do not necessarily have to be demolished.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there is a lot of immediate pain.

Paul’s Cycles and Mowers shop in Kaiapoi was closed down by CERA at the end of last week. Proprietor Paul Kirk has managed to find alternative accommodation in the former G.A.S. station not far away on the other side of the railway line – probably not a bad position for him but it still means another empty shop in one of our town centres.

Rangiora suffered another body blow today. Conway’s PaperPlus and Toyworld did not open today, having been declared a dangerous building. Street Legal next door is in the fall zone.  The PaperPlus must have been one of the town’s busiest shops, so that means that th eloss of another drawcard makes life that much harder for the remaining businesses – who still constitute the substantial majority.

Our towns are open! Shop Kaiapoi! Shop Rangiora!


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4 Responses to “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back in Kaiapoi and Rangiora Town Centres”

  1. Rewi Thompson Says:

    Hope that the Crema coffee shop is OK. They serve the best coffee in Rangiora!

  2. David Ayers Says:

    I’m not sure about that (that’s a comment about the building, not the coffee!).

  3. Max bennett Says:

    David is there a definative list anywhere of what has been checked and what has not and the risk level of each building? Loosing confidence in the safety of rangiora shopping centre especial for taking the little one into town

    • David Ayers Says:

      No there isn’t. Part of it is that under the Building Act, responsibility for building safety lies with the owner. However, the Council (mainly) and CERA are inspecting. We have just upped the resources needed to increase the rate of inspections – we use consulting engineers. I know of buildings where the owners have arranged for in-depth assessments, but the results are not back yet. I am sure that when buildings are cleared, the owners will make sure people know. I think the situation will become progressivelya lot clearer over the next few weeks. By then some businesses will have relocated into the restart mall.

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