Temporary Shops Take Another Step Forward

Council staff met Rangiora business owners that have been dislocated by the two north-side building closures this evening, outlining more definitive plans about what can be offered for the area in front of the Council.  (The Robbies and Farmers closures have not affected other buildings, apart from causing Greg Knight Chemist and Devlin Real Estate to move away from walls.) The number of buusinesses there will depend on how much space each wants.

We want to move quickly on this, because it will take about 8 weeks for the buildings to get into place.  The Council will only build to order: we need a commitment before we order units.

In Kaiapoi, the situation is status quo.  While retailing in Kaiapoi has been affected by the loss of many shops since the September quake, there have been no closures of buildings recently.  We do have contingency plans for Kaiapoi, however, should the need arise.

Meanwhile in Oxford, there is a public meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday) in the GP Hall to discuss future options around the Town Hall, closed because it is earthquake prone.


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One Response to “Temporary Shops Take Another Step Forward”

  1. Stephanie Davidson Says:

    Hello David

    The ANZ Bank in Kaiapoi was closed yesterday. According to a staff member outside the building (stationed there to update customers) ANZ will not be back at that site due to major problems with the floor, they will use a caravan until new premises can be found.

    Perhaps the ANZ bank would consider purchasing the former NZ Post site the Council plans to sell?


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