Three Important Council Decisions This Week – all for Earthquake Recovery

It has been a busy start to the week for the Council and three important decisions have been made that all relate to earthquake recovery, two for Kaiapoi, one for Rangiora.

The Vacant Land at the Corner of Williams and Charles Streets, Kaiapoi

The Council has decided to put this on the market, with the condition that it must approve any proposed development.

This is the site once occupied by the Museum (i.e. Courthouse) and the former Post Office.  Now that the Council is proposing to include the Museum in the new Library (and I have yet to encounter anyone who thinks that is a bad idea) the site is no longer needed for that. 

The Council bought the former Post Office after the earthquake so that it could control what happens there.  It is a very important site in central Kaiapoi, so it needs to have a decent building on it.

“Container” shops in Rangiora

In a special meeting called at 24 hours notice, the Council approved further funding to enable this to happen.  It is obvious to everyone  that something needs to happen – fast.  The new units can’t happen overnight – it will be weeks rather than days, but we will move as fast as is humanly possible.

Kaiapoi i-Site

This has been in a portacom on Raven Quay since the September quake – it used to be in the old Railway Station on the riverbank near theTuhoewharf.  The station itself is owned by a trust. This will now be moved to a temporary position on the carpark next to the Post Shop and the i-Site put back in it.  This will get the portacom off the area adjacent ot the War Memorial.


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