Why Is the Council Proposing to Put Shops on the Council Lawn?

A number of people have commented that it is a shame to cover the Council lawn in Rangiora with temporary shops.

The main reason we are doing this is to revive foot-traffic in High Street.  Many shops depend on foot-traffic going past their windows, so putting temporary shops out the back in one of the carparks would not be helpful.  There needs to be a natural flow from one shop to the next and using the Council lawn helps that to happen.

We can’t get that many on the lawn itself, so we will have to look at other adjacent places if we need more.

Retailing is certainly difficult in Rangiora at the moment, but there was one positive thing today: contractors have started to remove a dodgy-looking parapet above the Accessory Shop and Rangiora Fish Supply.

And a boring statistic: this is the 500th post on this blog!


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One Response to “Why Is the Council Proposing to Put Shops on the Council Lawn?”

  1. Amy Says:

    Thank you for your 500 posts! I find this blog informative and appreciate the work you put into it.

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