Rangiora Farmers Closes

Rangiora Farmers closed at 10.00am this morning after their engineers considered the building too dangerous for their staff and customers.  The building, previously classified by the Council as potentially earthquake-prone, was also given a detailed examination at by an engineer retained by the Council this afternoon.  He confirmed that there are parapets in danger of falling in a moderate earthquake.  I do not know the results of any other assessments that the Farmers and the building owners may have carried out on other parts of the building.

The Council is therefore fencing off the building.  Unfortunately, this means that with the Lambert Building over the road also fenced off, it is no longer possible for traffic to move down that part of High Street.  There will, fortunately, still be pedestrian access down the middle of the street.  Cars will still be able to move past the Percival and Alfred Streets frontages of the Farmers.

It is not known when the shop will be able to reopen.

Unfortunately, it also means that all of the area of High Street between Percival and Victoria Streets will have to be closed to traffic.  Imagine cars trying to go both ways between the parked cars and doing U-turns at the end.

This has all come very suddenly, although we have, of course, been doing a bit of worse-case-scenario thinking before today. Planning for temporary retail accommodation is proceeding and we will do what ever else is in the Council’s power and resources to help businesses that remain – wherever they are in the District.

The retail hearts of towns are very important for the economic health of the entire Waimakariri District and the council remains committed to earthquake recovery as its number one priority.


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One Response to “Rangiora Farmers Closes”

  1. Lisa Smit Says:

    Hi David
    I would like to know what is happening with the cut off dates for solid fuel burners in homes in Rangiora surely since the earthquakes they would be relax a little as we still don’t know what is a head of us going into winter, and there are many people out there that are finding everyday life very hard. If they have to stop using a heating appliance because of rules that have come into force I do not think that is fair. Heat pumps are all well in good if you have power!

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