Waimakariri Confirms Earthquake Recovery Milestones for 2012

Key milestones for the Waimakariri District Council’s Earthquake Recovery Programme during 2012 were recently confirmed by the Council’s Earthquake Recovery Committee.

 The overall recovery programme is divided into a number of constituent programmeeleme nts covering:

 • Managing, with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), the transition of red zone areas as settlement of the Government offer proceeds;

 • The permanent repair of damaged infrastructure in confirmed green zone areas;

 • The permanent rebuild and restoration of damaged community facilities and reserves;

 • Progressing implementation of the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan and continuing business support initiatives;

 • Accelerating new residential development close to Kaiapoi and considering the implications of the earthquakes’ impact on the town’s overall urban form;

 • Continuing to engage with and keep the community informed about earthquake recovery issues and plans, and support households and existing and new   communities through the transition.

We are also focused on identifying and progressing opportunities for legacy and ‘kick start’ projects with and through CERA.

 We will be continuing to represent the District’s interests through the considerable recovery strategy and planning activity by CERA across economic, social, land and infrastructural areas.

 The Earthquake Recovery Programme identifies the major initiatives for the Council in 2012 across all these elements and sets milestones for each, including an estimated time for completion.


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