Prone or Dangerous? And Does the Council Have a Hidden Agenda?

The differences between safe, earthquake-prone and dangerous are differences of degree – it all depends on the size of the earthquake. 

In Christchurch on 22 February, the earthquake went beyond the design standard of many buildings. 

The anticipated quake on the Alpine Fault, while further away from our District that the 2010 one under Darfield, could be over magnitude 8 and last for 3-5 minutes.  The 7.1 Darfield quake lasted for about 40 seconds.

I will enter an earthquake-prone building.  I will not knowingly enter a dangerous one.

Does the Council have a hidden agenda to close down our commercial centres?  No – but if engineering assessments reveal a building to be dangerous, we are obliged to act accordingly.  The bottom line is that people are entitled to know the state of the buildings they are entering and make their own choices. 


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