Waitangi Day in Kaiapoi, 2012

Waitangi Day was celebrated in Kaiapoi yesterday as Waimakariri’s community day with lots of good humour and entertainment.

King Arthur III and Alf’s Imperial Army led a parade to Trusselot Park and the band rotunda where some bogus treaty allegedly pulled out of the sea and purportedly granting all the land to him was put before the local “tribe”.  The best moment came when their chief for the day David Brennan, announced that King Arthur was now responsible for his EQC Claim.  Take that!

The response, of course, was waiata and haka, and some serious speeches from Upuku Runanga Rik Tau and the politicians. And then it was on with a concert and entertainment – on a lovely warm day.

I think we have to accept that there will often be protest and argument at Te Tii marae up north, especially on the day before – maybe that’s just the way we do it.  And then on the day itself, there is a mixture of ceremony and community enjoyment around the country.

People sometimes say that ANZAC Day is our real national day. My feeling is that we have two, commemorating different things.  If the Americans can have two (Independence Day and Thanksgiving), why can’t we?


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2 Responses to “Waitangi Day in Kaiapoi, 2012”

  1. Mark Dodd Says:

    Just seen the paper. Please don’t spend 8 million of our hard earned tax payer rate payer money on the town hall. Its an old building, strengthening it wont save it from another large earthquake just like the cathedral and other old buildings in CHCH. Knock it down and build a new building which will be safer and cheaper in the short term and long term. Also there is a good possibility that if we get another large quake like a 7 then the high street in Rangiora would be hit hard. The fronts could fall on the street and building collapse. It would be on your head. What are you personally going to do as Mayor to ensure the safety of the people and community you are responsible for now. 10 – 20 years is NOT an acceptable timeframe for making it safe. Listing something in the paper does not remove that responsibility from your shoulders nor can you pass that responsibility back onto the people by listing it in the paper. Thank you though for not trying to hide it.

    • David Ayers Says:

      Thanks, Mark, for your thoughts. Just a few random responses from me! The advice that we have received is that a new building would cost more than the strengthened-and-added-to proposal, although that depends, of course, on what you put in the new building.

      We are more concerned about an 8 than a 7 – it would be on the Alpine Fault, and although it would be further away than the Darfield quake, it could last for 2-3 minutes. We are advised that a strengthened Town Hall would stay standing, but would probably need to be demolished afterwards.

      As for the other buildings in the Rangiora High Street, yes, they are prone. If the community wants a faster time frame for taking action, they need to tell us and the building owners. Personally, I have no power at all, so we need the community backing to force owners to work faster. Note that it may not take much work to bring buildings up to the required standard.

      I think it is likely that the Government will force higher standards on the whole country before too long. The current standard, 34% of new building standard, is all that the law allows Councils to impose.

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