World War I NZ Soldier to be Re-Buried in Belgium

We have received the following message from Freddy Declerk of Zonnebeke, Waimakariri’s sister district in Belgium.

The remains of soldiers from World War I battles are frequently found on the past battlefields of Flanders and France.

Dear Friends, 

Mayor  Dirk Cardoen and I from Zonnebeke will attend the reburial of a NZ soldier, tomorrow Friday at 3 PM local time.

The soldier is from the Rifle Brigade and died on June 7th 1917 during the attack on Messines.

We will have a wreath on behalf of the people of Zonnebeke and Waimakariri.

The NZ Minister of Defense will attend together with the Defense Chief, a Belgian Minister and other dignitaries.

 Kind Regards from the cold Flanders Field ( – 6 C°  but with the wind it feels as – 15 C°)

 Kind Regards/Vriendelijke Groeten

Freddy Declerck

Genootschap Passchendaele Society 1917 vzw


 Tel 057 48 94 02

GSM: 0474 91 32 46


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2 Responses to “World War I NZ Soldier to be Re-Buried in Belgium”

  1. Ray Says:

    Interesting and respectful
    PS But “Defence” not ” Defense”, please

    • David Ayers Says:

      Thanks Ray. “Defence” is spelled that way because I simply pasted Freddy’s email in. His first language is Flemish and he chose to spell it the American way. The spelling differences are often a mystery to people who don’t have English as their first language!

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