Trees Make a Difference in Town Centres

Central Canberra


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4 Responses to “Trees Make a Difference in Town Centres”

  1. amanda friel Says:

    Having lived in Napier which has wider streets and trees in the parking areas I can vouch for that nice cool feeling on a hot day.
    Its great to park under a tree and come back to a shaded car, it also creates a nice atmosphere when walking around or sitting in the town.
    Careful selection of trees is important to get shade without sap/flower or nut droppings that may damage paintwork however.
    A lot more nice leafy trees would make our town !

  2. Corran Vincent Says:

    Like everyone else I like trees too. However they need to be the right place. One reason why there have been so many accidents on the 3 intersections in Queens St is because 1) The shading of the trees makes it hard for drivers to see or judge vehicles approaching and 2) The trees also obscures visibility.
    Yes I am aware that if the council had wanted to cut the trees down there would have been hell to play over it. However if we are to have roundabouts then they needed to be a lot smaller in diameter I watched a bus take the Queens/King sts this morning He couldn’t do it without running up over the inner curb. At least it’s slightly better now that they have tar sealed up to the outer concrete kerb this week which gets rid of that nasty sharp edge that was there. Why they didn’t do this in the first place totally beats me.

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Corran

      The accident problems have been at the Victoria and Percival intersections and only became apparent when the priority on the intersections changed. The visibility wasn’t the issue because the accidents were being caused by people ignoring the stop signs. The priority was changed to encourage the use of Queen Street ar a ring road and feeder street around the town centre. This led, however, to the stops signs at Percival and Victoria being seen as barriers to coming into the town centre. The roundabouts are an attempt to have the intersections working in both directions.

      King Street is a bit different. The roundabout there is to make it easier for Queen Street traffic to get across or on to it. That section of King Street is very busy (I know, I live there). The roundabout is also designed to slow vehicles down in the vicinity of the school, hence the crossing points on three sides – there is none on the north side because there is already a pedestrian crossing further north and we and the school want the school children to use it.

      The bus is supposed to go over the concrete inner circle – it is there for larger vehicles, as with other roundabouts in both Rangiora and Kaiapoi. Cars are free to use it too. The marked lip was the result of the contractor not meeting design specifications.

      Regards, David.

  3. Corran Vincent Says:

    The bus on only came up to the concrete but he also took the inner kurb on as I guess the inner bit could have been a biut smaller too. another problem is drivers pull to far out on to the roundabout from Queens St and inped the path if you are going straight though on King St. Can not make out why drivers ingnored the stop signs only think I can think of is the visability issue.

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