Supermarket Wars in Waimakariri

The supermarkets are certainly getting thick on the ground.

The Kaiapoi New World reopened last month after being rebuilt – the previous building was, of course, badly damaged by the September quake.  That was great for Kaiapoi and has been one of the signs that commercially Kaiapoi is on the road back.

In the meantime, the Rangiora New World has undergone a significant expansion.

Next week, the new Countdown in Ivory Street, Rangiora, will be opened. That will make two Countdowns in Rangiora, along with the one in Kaiapoi..

People often ask me if Pak ‘n Save is coming to Southbrook after all.  The latest information that I have is that it has been delayed while Foodstuffs get a couple of New Worlds back open in Christchurch (Redcliffs and St Martins, I think).  The first job that has to be done at Southbrook is to divert the Southbrook stream around the edge of the site.

The new building going up beside St Mary’s Anglican Church in Southbrook Road is the Rangiora Mazda building, replacing their site on the Pak ‘n Save site.


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