Should the Oxford Town Hall be Replaced?

The Oxford Town Hall will cost a lot to bring it up to an earthquake rating of 67% of new building standard.  It is currently closed because it is rating is about 25%.

Some in the community are saying that it would be better to build a more modern building, possibly somewhere else.

You will be hearing more about this!

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5 Responses to “Should the Oxford Town Hall be Replaced?”

  1. Trevor Court Says:

    Costs of bringing up to standard, as opposed to costs of replacement to equivalent size and utility would be the criteria.

    Anything beyond that would perhaps be a matter to debate.

    Am I correct in thinking this building is a district matter?

  2. Rewi Thompson Says:

    I recently was in the Oxford Town hall and could not see any signs of earthquake damage!
    If that hall should be replaced what about the Rangiora Town Hall?

  3. Patrick Says:

    should be kept, you would never be able to build another one like it again.

  4. David Ayers Says:

    Thanks for the questions and thoughts. Yes, Trevor, it is a district matter. Community facilities, no matter where they are, are rated for across the District.

    And answering your comments, Rewi, the status of the two Town Halls is similar. They are of similar age and both have low earthquake ratings. Both sustained some earthquake damage, but this was repaired at an early stage. The difference now is the heightened community sensitivity to earthquake prone buildings. We know that some people are refusing to enter the Rangiora Town Hall and we are very aware of the direction of the Commisison of Inquiry into the Christchurch February quake.

    To me this does not mean, however, that the answer to one Hall’s problem has to be the same as that of the other.

  5. David Buckley Says:

    The Oxford Town Hall is a very important part of the town of Oxford, and it is inconceivable that there would be no Town Hall at all. Unlike the Rangi Town Hall, the Oxford Hall is a multi-use facility, used by many sections of the community with both public and private functions accomodated.

    The Oxford Town hall was built all those years ago as the unifying force to bring together the two “ends” of Oxford, and it still brings together the community. Oxford would be little more than a hosuing estate to support a couple of restaurants if the Town Hall were to go, and that would be very sad indeed.

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