Update on Bridges

I’m often asked about some of our bridges.

Williams Street Bridge, Kaiapoi

This came out of the earthquakes quite well – it’s the approach on the nothern side that is now rubbish, and getting worse. As for the bridge itself, the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan proposes that parking be removed and the footpaths made wider to allow people to linger and look up and down the river.  There will be seating on it as well.

Ashley River Bridge at Cones Road, Rangiora

The Council is endeavouring to get a replacement put on to the Canterbury Regional Transport Plan and the chances are very good.  It is intended that this will be wide enough for cyclists and pedestrians to cross it in safety.   The total cost is likely to be in the area of $10m, but it will attract a 60% subsidy from the NZ Transport Agency if the project it approved.

Old Waimakariri Cycle & Pedestrian Clipons

Not much joy here, I’m afraid. The bridge is jointly owned by Waimakariri and Christchurch and neither Council is very keen on doing the work without NZTA subsidy.  To get this will require a change in Government policy direction towards pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Waimakariri Gorge Bridge

This bridge, jointly owned by Waimakariri and Selwyn, is to get a new deck very soon.  Both councils have budgeted for it.  The common claim that the two councils have been arguing over it is urban myth.

The Waimakariri Gorge Bridge with a train about to cross it, ca.1921


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2 Responses to “Update on Bridges”

  1. Amanda Carpenter Says:

    In reply to David Ayer’s “Update on Bridges” comment on 8 January. Did the council get the Cones Rd Ashley bridge onto the Canterbury Regional Transport Plan given the chances are very good?

    If so, when is construction likely to start and complete?

    • David Ayers Says:

      Hi Amanda. Yes, the bridge is on the programme. However, it still has to get final NZ Transport Agency approval, and they will be guided by Government priorities. I think the chances are good for a favourable outcome. We need the final tick to get the 60% NZTA subsidy.

      We still have to be aware, however, that the clip-on for the old Waimakariri bridge is also on the programme, but we know that low Government prioritisation for cycle and pedestrian facilities will not allow it to go ahead. A favourable response on the Ashley bridge is not, therefore, absolutely guaranteed.

      If the bridge gets approval, the first stage will be design work. We have budgeted for that this year. Actual construction would start in the 2013-14 year and I guess it would take a year or two to build. I think the likely place for it to be built would be next to the current bridge, on the downstream side, where the first bridge was. I do stress, however, that detailed design work still has to be done.

      Incidentally, the current bridge has its 100th birthday this year.

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