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Compass FM is About to Launch!!!

19 May 2011

Compass FM is launching –

Queen’s Birthday, Monday 6 June!

You can hear it now on 104.9, broadcasting 24 hours a day.

During the day you will hear that we are hosting the Radio School of the Aoraki Polytech – forced out of their Christchurch home by the February earthquake.

Compass FM is North Canterbury’s new Community Access radio station, broadcasting from Kaiapoi to Hanmer.

Temporary Housing In Kaiapoi

18 May 2011

As you may have seen in this morning’s Press, site preparation temporary housing has started at Kaiapoi Domain in Ranfurly Street.

The article covered the ground well, although I would make the point that we need the housing mainly for people who have to leave their homes while they are rebuilt or undergo major repairs.  People who have left their homes up until now have obviously found accommodation, although if they are finding their current locations unsatisfactory, they may be interested in this new housing.

The Department of Building and Housng (DBH) is building and managing the housing.  The Council’s role is to help in assessing needs, find sites and make sure that the provision coordinates with other recovery work.

What’s Going On in Flaxton Road?

17 May 2011

There’s a lot of earth being moved around at the corner of Flaxton and Fernside Roads, Southbrook.  What’s it all about?

Two things are happening. 

A stormwater retention system is being built to take stormwater from the recently-zoned business area bounded by Flaxton, Fernside and Todds Roads.  An increase in the coverage of hard flat surfaces – mainly roofs and concrete – will mean that will be much more run-off.  The Faxton Road Drain will not be able to handle all that water, so it will have to be held back and released slowly.

The second thing that is happening is that the Fernside Road intersection is being made safer. That horrible little bridge by the car-wash ford will go, and Fernside Road will meet Flaxton Road at a right-angle with much better visibilty.

Why are Waimakariri and Selwyn Under CERA?

16 May 2011

CERA – the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (or Act – take your pick) is the new acronym that we will be living with for some time. It is due to expire after five yeas. Everybody seems to be pronouncing it “Sarah”.

In some ways, Waimakariri and Selwyn might have been able to get by without it, but both Councils decided that there were some potential advantages for us – even although our damage mostly came in the September earthquake.

The Act gives the Authority powers that might need to be used as we in Waimakariri undertake land remediation on behalf of the the Government and EQC. We also didn’t want to be forgotten about as CERA tackled the horrific damage in Christchurch caused by the February ‘quake.

It’s as simple as that. Provided we two Councils look as though we are coping with our own damage, CERA will probably let us get on with it.

There were fears that CERA might ride over local concerns and charge ahead in spite of the people of Canterbury. Early indications, however, are that this is not happening – there seems to be a real attempt at engagement.

And the post-September Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Commission (see below)? It’s gone.

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