Rebuilding & Repairing Houses After the Earthquake – Who Does What?

Damaged House in Kairaki – photo from Governor-General’s Website

Who is responsible for repairing or rebuilding insured houses?

If EQC assess damage at less than $10,000, they will pay out to the owner.  It is up to the owner then to get the repairs done – or whether they they do them at all.
Damage assessed at between $10,000 and $100,000 will be managed by Fletchers – EQC’s project managers. They will assign the work to builders, etc.  If an owener wants to use their own tradespeople, they can – provided that those tradespeople are first certified by Fletchers.
 Fletchers have already established a “hub”, for them to work from,  in Darnley Square, Kaiapoi.
At over $100,000+GST, EQC pays out that amount which then either comes off the owner’s mortagage or becomes available to repair or rebuild the house. 
The work to be done thus becomes a matter between the owner and their insurance company.
The insurance groups also have their project managers, eg. IAG (which includes NZI and State) has engaged Hawkins Construction.

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One Response to “Rebuilding & Repairing Houses After the Earthquake – Who Does What?”

  1. Andrew Mitchell Says:

    The uninsured.

    They should all band together and repair their houses.

    Why would anybody who is insured would want to pay for those who opted out?

    Our society is not about those who opt out, no?

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